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Democrat Candidate Drops Out of the Race – Told Everyone that Hillary Clinton is Too Corrupt to be President!

This past week Democrat candidate for President Lincoln Chafee finally called it quits on his Quixotic campaign. Chafee hardly deserves mentioning but for one important point that he made at the very birth of his campaign for President.

See, Chafee has always been a bit of an also-ran. His political career was built upon the back of his accomplished and popular father John Chafee. Lincoln Chafee was a simple small town mayor when, in 1999, his Senator father passed away and Rhode Island’s Governor saw fit to name Lincoln as his replacement. After his bid for reelection was defeated, Chafee shifted left, becoming a Democrat and throwing his support to presidential candidate Barack Obama. After switching party affiliation Chafee ran for (and won) Governor of Rhode Island, but it wasn’t until he announced his presidential bid that Chafee finally said (or did) anything of note.

During an interview with CNN’s New Day Chafee reminded everyone that Hillary Clinton is far too corrupt to make a suitable president.

“It’s a long record going back over decades of questionable ethical practices. People groan when I bring up Whitewater and all these things, the Rose Law Firm records; it seems like it never stops.

Now, we are into the tenure of secretary of State and the emails and of course the Clinton Foundation donations at the same time the State Department is making critical decisions, combined with some of those donations by the Clinton Foundation. It’s just too close and too many ethical questions.”

He was (and is) 100% correct about Hillary Clinton.

Jonathan Bernstein offers a fitting obituary for the Chafee campaign in Bloomberg View.

The problem with Chafee wasn’t that he had no chance of winning (though that’s also true), but that he wasn’t doing the sorts of things that presidential candidates do. Contrast that with, say, Martin O’Malley, whose odds of winning are probably zero, but who really is running.

At any rate, Chafee deserves to be remembered for giving perhaps the single worst answer in the history of presidential debates when he disavowed a vote he cast in the Senate by saying that he was a really new senator at the time. Suggesting a campaign slogan: “Chafee: Ready From Day … Let Me Get Back To You On That One.”

Another one bites the dust. There now remain just three Democrat contenders (Clinton, Sanders and O’Malley), and they all stink.

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