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Republican Congressman says Trump sounds like a “Left-Wing, Michael Moore Wacko”

I am no fan of Rep. Peter King (R-NY). He is one of the more moderate-liberal members of the House GOP and he has fought long and hard against freedom and for war. In recent months he has focused much of his hate and vitriol against Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz for their different anti-establishment beliefs; however he recently shifted his attacks in Donald Trump’s direction after Trump seemed to blame President George W. Bush for 9/11.

In an appearance on Fox News’ the Kelly File Tuesday night, King went toe-to-toe with one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters on the topic of Donald Trump. In his comments he lambasted Trump for insinuating that 9/11 was Bush’s fault, going so far as to compare him with leftist icon Michael Moore.

“Donald Trump now is sounding like a left-wing, Michael Moore wacko. If he wants to be commander-in-chief, he better understand what this is about. Because right now, he’s just talking in riddles. It makes no sense.”


I don’t foresee Donald Trump losing any sleep over this because an attack from Peter King will only serve to solidify Trump’s standing with the conservative base. While conservatives may not agree with Trump’s remarks, they generally disagree far more with politicians like King who spend our money, raise our taxes and then have the audacity to try to limit our freedoms. King has long been a thorn in the side for many conservatives, and if supporting Trump serves to upset him, I think many conservatives would relish the chance to annoy him!

What do you think? Was the 9/11 comment that Trump made “a gaffe too far?” Has Trump finally done something that could alienate him from Republican voters? Or will he deflect criticism on 9/11 the same way he has deflected criticism of every other seeming “mistake” that he has made?

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