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Conservative Icon George Will, “I Want Obamacare to Fail!”

Conservative icon George Will was on Fox News Sunday to enlighten liberal talker Juan Williams on the truth about the conservative perspective of Obamacare.

Too often the media allows liberals to get away with the simplistic perspective that Republicans (and conservatives) are somehow mean spirited because they want President Obama and his policies to fail. The truth of the matter is that we believe that liberal policies are bad and will be bad for our country. We don’t want them enacted, and if they are enacted we want them to crash and burn as quickly as possible so that they do as little damage as possible.

Liberal Fox News analyst Juan Williams tries desperately to launch this “desire to fail” canard once again, but this time he is met by the eminently brilliant George Will and some simple logic.

“Oh, it will end,” Will said. “Because in fact what they’re trying to do is micromanage 1/6th of the American economy. What we have learned throughout the 20th century is in fact the micromanagement, central planning of complex societies doesn’t work.”

obamacaredisaster“I want to assure brother Williams that there is no schadenfreude because I’m not even pretending to be sorrowful,” Will continued. “Of course I want Obamacare to fail, because if it doesn’t fail, it will just further entangle American society with a government that is not up to this. For 100 years, Juan, the narratives of progressives from Woodrow Wilson on, is that progress will come if and only if we concentrate more and more power in Washington, more and more Washington power in the executive branch and more executive power in the hands of experts — disinterested experts such as those who designed”

Thank you, George Will, for tearing apart this liberal talking point with simple truth and pure logic.

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