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Ted Cruz is Confident that Today’s Donald Trump Supporters will be Tomorrow’s Cruz Voters

This past Sunday Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) sat down on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd to discuss his presidential aspirations and the state of his campaign. In one particular segment Todd wondered how Cruz could convince Trump and Carson voters to switch their support to his campaign.

With a wry and knowing smile, Cruz opened up and perhaps gave a good explanation about why he has chosen not to attack Donald Trump, even as every other GOP candidate has. It seems that Cruz is very confident that at the end of the day, when dust finally settles, all of these Trump supporters will end up in his camp. This may or may not be the case, but as a candidate, why would you risk alienating 25% (or more) of your base voters by attacking and insulting their first choice? It makes no sense, and Ted Cruz proves once again why he has become such an effective voice for American conservatives who have long felt disenfranchised by the GOP and the media.

He may not think Donald Trump would make a good President… but he’s not going to insult a guy that 25%+ of his fellow GOP voters identify and connect with. He’s smart that way…

“I am very encouraged with where we are right now. I think what we are seeing happen every day is conservatives coalescing behind our campaign. One of the reasons I am very optimistic is that you look at the impact of Donald Trump, I like Donald, you know others have gone out of their way to smack him, I haven’t.

I think Donald’s campaign has been immensely beneficial for our campaign and the reason is, he’s framed the central issue of this Republican primary as, ‘who will stand up to Washington?’ Well, the natural follow up if that’s the question is, who has actually stood up to Washington?

Who has stood up to both Democrats and to leaders in our own party? … My record is markedly different in terms of actually standing up and taking on the Washington cartel. I think that’s why we’re seeing – particularly as voters get more and more educated, study the candidates, listen to the candidates in person – I think that’s why we’re seeing the grassroots momentum that we’re seeing. Conservatives are coalescing behind our campaign.”

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