Remembering Obama’s Bowe Bergdahl Fiasco



Remember when Bowe Bergdahl’s parents were standing in front of the White House with Muslim-sycophant Obama looking like refugees from a hippy commune.


Remember Obama celebrating their deserter, traitorous son, Bowe,  as a hero.


Well, Obama loves to go against the grain of sanity.  He’s the contrarian who approves of same sex marriage and transgender soldiers. Everything opposite he finds positive.  He wants to break up thousands of years of civilized tradition and create chaos.


Obama prefers modern failure to conservative success.  He doesn’t believe in what works. Sounds like a jerk.


Trump says that Bowe would have been executed thirty years ago.  That’s exactly what should happen now.  But if Obama’s involved in the decision Bergdahl will be let go, given a good job and food stamps.


Trump is an egotist.  Obama is a narcissist.  At least the egotist has some courage and is not afraid to take risks.


Bergdadhl  cost us a fortune in pilots flying to locate him and ground troops who died on his behalf.  Not to mention the five Taliban who we released and are sure to kill more of us.


Unfortunately, our Commander-who-holds-justice-cheap will do nothing to Bargdahl. Maybe he will hold  a traitor’s dance for him at the White House.  He can lead off as the first dance.


Obama will bow in the Emperor’s new clothes and put the glass slipper on Bergdahl.

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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

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