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What Planned Parenthood Says vs. Reality

For years the Planned Parenthood (PP) apologists have argued that PP provides vital women’s health resources and that if PP lost their federal funding, women across America would suffer. There is one big problem with this argument… it’s just not true.

First, PP doesn’t “need” the funding. During Congressional hearings on funding Planned Parenthood, Congressman Jason Chaffetz told America that PP made more than $100 Million in revenue without expenses, and for some reason the government was still handing over $60 Million in Title X funding.

In fact, PP is so flush with cash that they spent $40 Million on travel, parties and their executive salaries! Basically, they use our tax dollars as their “Party Fund.”

Second, the women of America don’t “need” PP.



Honestly, this might be the best and easiest angle to attack PP from. Just like any other capitalist venture, Planned Parenthood actively opposes several avenues that would make access to healthcare easier for women. If every PP clinic across America were to shut down tomorrow, new women’s health clinics would pop up to take their place the very next day. In fact, if we closed down PP, the likelihood is that there would soon be even more women’s clinics around the country than there are today. Why? Because, in an effort to protect their income, PP works hard to keep their competitors out of the market. They do everything they can to make sure that competitors do not open women’s clinics in competition with PP facilities. Whether by undercutting competitors, or by using the government to apply pressure – PP ruthlessly defends their corner of the “women’s health” market.

Planned Parenthood LiesAlso, they spend a considerable amount of time in Washington, D.C. trying to make sure that healthcare remains unaffordable for lower income women. They lobby in DC to keep birth control expensive and ensure that birth control does not become available “over the counter.”

GOP Sens. Cory Gardner and Kelly Ayotte have recently proposed a bill that provides incentives for birth-control pill manufacturers to apply to the Food and Drug Administration for over-the-counter (OTC) status. Oddly enough, Planned Parenthood objects…

Planned Parenthood’s rhetoric about looking out for women, its opposition to the Gardner-Ayotte bill appears baseless. Brown muses that the mere possibility of removing the ACA’s mandate makes a highly-politicized Planned Parenthood reject the proposed bill. S.E. Cupp believes Planned Parenthood is rejecting the Gardner-Ayotte proposal because Republicans authored itNational Review’s Jillian Kay Melchior believes Planned Parenthood opposes the measure because it “makes” $1.2 billion per year from contraceptive services (actually, the organization’s total revenue is about $1.2 billion a year).

But there is a much deeper explanation, driven by the rational behavior of an organization seeking to maximize financial gain. To begin to understand why Planned Parenthood opposes OTC birth control, one must look to an obscure New York Timesarticle from the mid-90s, which details post-Soviet Romania’s miserable abortion-culture.

 Lastly, Planned Parenthood lies to America every single day. The undercover videos that the Center for Medical Progress has released proves beyond a shadow of a doubt (to any intellectually honest observer) that PP bends, twists and breaks our laws on an almost daily basis. Also, Cecile Richards and other PP defenders have been lying to us for years about PP’s efforts on behalf of women’s health, particularly when it comes to getting mammograms.

It’s time to end this disgusting use of our tax dollars.

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