Liberal Spin – Repeal of Obamacare = Death

I probably would have missed this item if I hadn’t been “surfing” around the internet the other day.

“2013 DisHonors ‘Damn Those Conservatives to Hell Award.’ And the winner is: Jonathan Alter. At the Media Research Center’s DisHonors Awards were held on Thursday, September 26, 2013 during the MRC’s annual gala. Alter was one of three nominees for the ‘Damn Those Conservatives to Hell Award.’ The audience voted Alter the winner.”

The DisHonors award was given for Mr. Alter’s words spoken on MSNBC’s The Ed Show on August 9, 2012. “Repeal [of Obamacare] equals death. People will die in the United States if ObamaCare is repealed. That is not an exaggeration. That is not crying fire. It’s a simple fact….[The Obama campaign should say] ‘No, we’re not calling Mitt Romney a murderer. What we are saying is that if he’s elected President, a lot of people will die.’”

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I assume that his statement means that if Obamacare is not repealed, a lot of people in the United States will not die, a promise of eternal life, I dare say. As a person who is in the autumn of his life–some might even say the winter of his life–this gives me great hope.

I encourage you to click on the highlighted link above and watch the video showing Mr. Alter making this statement. Notice the sincerity in his face and in his voice. Be impressed with his seriousness. I am convinced that he really believes that what he is saying is true and also important. Or does he believe it to be true?

obamacareshovelreadyDon’t liberals like Jonathan Alter think before they speak? Of course they don’t think. They don’t have to think. They have an agenda, and their agenda includes the item: “Say something that sounds sincere and shocking so that people watching The Ed Show will believe you have just said something profound and they will repeat it to improve their image with their fellow liberals or to impress their university professors.”

Many years ago, during the Viet Nam war, my dear friend and faculty colleague, Jim, made some outlandish statement about the war. (Jim was a flaming political liberal, but we were still close friends.) I challenged the truthfulness of his statement and suggested that he should be embarrassed about using lies to support his position about the war. His response was that because the position he was supporting was right and moral, lies were acceptable. I didn’t understand that notion then, and I don’t understand it now. I simply wasn’t taught by my parents and by my teachers that it is all right to obfuscate when discussing an issue. Or am I simply naive? Was my friend Jim right and have I been deluding myself all of these years?

I don’t know whether the boy George Washington really told his father the truth about chopping down the cherry tree. Or even whether such an incident in his life actually occurred. But it seems to me that that kind of conduct is the high road and the apocryphal story of young George with his hatchet is worth passing on. I think that when my great-grandsons are a little older, I’ll tell them that story. Since I’ve been assured by Mr. Alter that my life will extend to infinity if Obamacare is allowed to go into effect, I now have the assurance of being around to tell those little guys the story of the Father of our country and his honesty.


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