Conservatives Wary as Obama Eyes our Guns

Thursday morning October 1, yet another tragic mass killing was committed by a young male gunman on the campus of a community college in Roseburg, Oregon.   While this horrific act of violence could unfortunately not have been predicted, the rapid, stage-actor response from “President” Obama could hardly have been more predictable.   His pathological affectation of “feigned anger and frustration” over gun violence was, in reality, true anger and frustration over his consistent inability to disarm all Americans and destroy the Second Amendment.

Mr. Obama displays these cheap theatrics and howls for gun control laws at every opportunity, presented after selective high profile mass shooting events, which, while tragic and all too frequent, are no more frequent now than in past generations. The type of gun violence that has become all too common and tragic, are the massive numbers of violent killings on the streets of urban America by street gangs, other criminals and organized crime families. Just this past weekend alone, in Mr. Obama’s hometown of Chicago, scores of citizens were gunned down, yet as has been his pattern, the ” President ” was silent regarding Chicago, which has one of the strictest gun control laws in the nation.

Mr. Obama knows, and Conservative America knows, that the communities with the harshest gun control laws are also the communities with the highest rates of violent, gun-related crime.

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obama gun grabbersMr. Obama ignores gun violence in places like Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri.   All he bellows loudly about in such places is ” those bad police ” and  suggests racism, implying that ” only black lives matter “.  Mr. Obama cherry-picks and selects tragedies such as Sandy Hook and Roseburg, for their ” shock value “; places where such gun violence is uncommon and unexpected.   Our ” President ” jumps up on his high-horse and bellows like the jackass he is, blaming our Second Amendment right to bear arms and our right to self-defense, for the actions of one crazed or evil individual.   Earlier today Mr. Obama trumpeted and brayed loudly in alleging Americans’ and Congress’ ” collective guilt ” for acts of gun violence, implying that failure to allow ourselves to be voluntarily disarmed is the proximate cause of mass shootings like today in Roseburg.  Mr. Obama cannot grasp the concept of individual responsibility; the shooter is responsible, not 320 million Americans collectively, and not 535 Members of Congress collectively.

It is my contention that Mr. Obama promotes violence at every opportunity;  examples being Baltimore, MD and Ferguson, MO, where, after incidents involving confrontations between police and suspected criminals, he predictably attacks our nation’s peace officers.   After Sandy Hook in 2012, and today in Roseburg, he predictably attacks guns and gun ownership.  Never before in American history, has a President used the ” bully pulpit ” to divide rather than unite, the nation and, as many observers strongly contend, ” incites Americans to riot ” using his inflammatory rhetoric !   Simply and bluntly put, Mr. Obama wants our police departments neutralized to render the nation lawless, and wants to take away our citizen’s guns and Second Amendment rights to render Americans defenseless.   It is all part-and-parcel of his seven year reign of terror aimed at the complete destruction of America.

Most Americans have seen the well-circulated bumper sticker that reads ” if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will own guns “.   A similar, well circulated adage around the internet reads, ” if a conservative doesn’t like guns, he/she doesn’t buy one; if a liberal doesn’t like guns, he/she wants them banned for everyone.   Such is the mindless knee-jerk response of the left to gun violence.   However, even if the left despises the Second Amendment due to irrational thinking,

Mr. Obama’s desire to disarm Americans is , in the view of this writer, the product of very cold, calculated and rational thinking.   Mr. Obama’s cold, rational thinking moreover, goes beyond rendering Americans defenseless against criminals and trespassers; he wants to render Americans defenseless against his tyrannical government.   Mr. Obama, his Marxist, Muslim Brotherhood allies and the ” New World Order / Agenda 21 ” mobsters are working around the clock to enslave all of us under a globalist dictatorship.   He knows quite well that millions of legally armed citizens are blocking his dictatorial ambitions.

To succeed in their evil agenda, clamoring and haranguing against the Right to Bear Arms any time a tragic shooting happens, is ” standard operating procedure ” for the radical left and the Obama administration.   Does the radical left actually expect Conservatives to buy their nonsense that the answer to stopping gun crime by individual perpetrators is the disarming of 300 million law abiding citizens?   By telling the big lie over and over that gun control and confiscation is the solution to violent crime, they cover up the truth about why they want our guns.   They intend to set up a left-wing Marxist dictatorship in America which a nation of disarmed citizens will be powerless to oppose.   Americans must stand up in support of our local police, and stand tall for our absolute right to own and bear arms.   It is the only means of controlling lawlessness and senseless killings, and the only means of defense against the evil schemes of Obama and his minions.   Conservative America fears Mr. Obama, and each time he brays like a jackass about gun control, our fears and suspicions grow ever larger.   Americans, keep your powder dry!

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Dale Summitt

Dale Summitt, a passionate writer, public speaker and consultant on public policy, Christian advocacy, education and other issues, is Owner & C.E.O. of Trailblazing America, guardian of America's Christian Faith, Constitution and Bill of Rights, by trailblazing new pathways to Liberty, Justice and Virtue. A veteran career educator and a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian, he is a veteran of the Constitutional Conservative side of the " Culture Wars ", during his long and successful career in teaching and educational leadership in both public and private schools. Battling to preserve morality and high academic standards, Mr. Summitt devoted many years to confronting the dark forces of the radical left who seek to indoctrinate students with liberal and immoral doctrines and threatening to destroy our nation from within.

Mr. Summitt is a " true believer " in the Constitutional principles of limited self-government and the preservation of liberty and freedom enshrined in our Bill of Rights, as well as a firm adherent to a Christian worldview. Believing as a Christian educator and writer that education and intellect is wasted on anyone lacking moral character, he is determined to use his writing abilities to help restore the greatness and Exceptionalism of America and preserve the Judeo-Christian culture that has existed since our nation's founding.

Mr. Summitt resides in a rural area of the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas with his loving wife and family. He is constructing a new website and will soon be back online at

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