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A Must See Video for Understanding Stupid Liberal Tax Ideas

Some time back, the brilliant minds at Prager University developed a wonderful video to help explain America’s idiotic progressive tax code. The video explains our nation’s ridiculous tax system with a simple story about three brothers, and it is wonderful.

“The Progressive Income Tax” is one of those economic terms that gets bandied about, but few actually know what it means or how it works. This tale of three similar brothers with three different incomes (but one shared expense) helps explain the tax system under which we live. Adapted from an article by noted investor and economist, Kip Hagopian, and narrated by actress Carolyn Hennesy of “General Hospital” and “True Blood” fame, this animated story will change the way you think about how you pay your taxes. 

This is the progressive income tax system all U.S. taxpayers live under, and I don’t see we should be any different. In fact, I believe all future improvements should be paid in this way.”

“Works for me,” said Dick. So, by a vote of two to one, the cost of the street improvements was divided as Tom had proposed, even though they benefited equally, and even though the reason Harry had more money was that he and his wife had worked many more hours than his brothers and their wives, and saved some of what they had earned instead of spending it all.

Tom and Dick lived happily ever after with their new arrangement. Harry grumbled a lot, but whenever he complained his brothers called him greedy and selfish.

Make sure you show this to all of your Democrat or Socialist (but I repeat myself) friends. This is the completely illogical and totally unfair system that we have allowed to develop in our nation, and it’s time for us to bring it to an end.

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