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Health Insurers make out like bandits under Obamacare

Just a reminder: Health Insurers make out like bandits under Obamacare.

Which is why they didn’t fight it.

Believe it or not, there is something the left doesn’t like about ObamaCare, and I’m not just talking about the disastrous web site. The left hates the fact that ObamaCare relies on private insurers, since we all know that they would prefer is for the government to run the hospitals, employ the doctors, pay the bills, etc.

But that doesn’t mean the right should see the involvement of private insurers as a silver lining. It is not. Indeed, health insurance has been the abiding problem with American health care since World War II – a problem created entirely by government policy, and doubled-down on by ObamaCare, which took all the problems created by the mingling of health care and insurance and put them on steriods.

ObamacaregroupDuring the development of the monstrosity that ultimately became ObamaCare, Democrats sought and received plenty of input from the health insurance industry. The result was a law that requires you to buy their products, and subsidizes your costs so you can do so. That’s a win for the health insurance industry any way you look at it. It is the latest step in the government-driven transformation of health insurance from a hedge against risk to a quasi-public arm of the welfare state.

Remember, health insurance is really not insurance at all. Insurance protects you against a catastrophe that may or may not ever happen, but that you could not afford to pay for if it did. Your house burns down. Your car is totalled. Your basement is flooded. A tree falls and crashes through your roof. You buy policies against these unlikely but not-impossible events in the hope that you will never have to file a claim.

Health insurance could work like that. It could insure you against catastrophic costs brought on by a very serious situation, while leaving the normal everyday costs of basic health maintenance to you. That is how health insurance should work.

But it does not.


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