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Political Cartoons

Stephen Bowers – Dangerous Politicization of Healthcare

Stephen Bowers asks a pretty important question. If we can’t trust government agencies to stay neutral in political debates (see the IRS, the Justice Department or the National Parks Services) how can we trust those same agencies to treat us fairly when it comes to issues as important as healthcare?

October 21, 2013B

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About the author

Stephen Bowers

Stephen Bowers

I am an attorney in Las Vegas who has always wanted to draw political cartoons, partly because I like drawing, but mostly because I enjoy ridiculing pompous know-nothings. Verbally debating them gets nowhere. They don’t know they’re beaten. But poking fun at them in a drawing leaves them without recourse or rebuttal. What can they do…? Call me names, whine, cuss me … or maybe draw a witty riposte? Unlikely.
Steve Bowers, Esq.

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