Dr. Ben Carson Diagnoses Obamacare’s Disease

Dr. Ben Carson is an icon. The man is a brilliant doctor who was a pioneer in operations to separate conjoined twins, specifically when conjoined at the head. He is a world renowned surgeon, educator and thinker who has recently risked all of his prestige by espousing certain conservative opinions.

A few months ago this tweet from Dr. Carson sent the liberal world into a fit.

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This simple tweet about being able to succeed on one’s own merit brought out the worst from liberals in the twitterverse.

Like this:


And this:

And this, because espousing conservative opinions makes you a “jerk.”

Well, if his previous tweet didn’t upset them, his latest statements about Obamacare being the worst thing since slavery should certainly do the trick. He recently went on the left wing CNN talker Roland Martin’s radio show to explain what he meant, and there is no backing down in Dr. Carson.

Dr. Carson: This nation was founded on the principle that it would be a new type of nation that was for, of, and by the people. A constitution was put in place that would assure that the people remained at the pinnacle of power and that the central government would never reach the point where it had control of the people. This fundamentally changes the relationship… It places the government now at the pinnacle because it now is placed on a road that will give it control of everyone’s health. Your health is the most important thing that you have, and I think most of us are asleep at the wheel. We don’t actually realize what’s happening.

Roland Martin: But Dr. Carson, how is the government, how’s the government controlling people’s health when you talk about providing health care.

Dr. Carson: What do you need for good healthcare? You need a patient and you need a healthcare provider. Along has come a middleman to facilitate the relationship. Now it has become the primary entity with the patient and the healthcare provider at its beckon call. Completely turns the situation upside-down. And this is only the beginning. What you will see – mark my words – is that a lot of the insurance companies will begin to fold. People will have fewer and fewer options. Ultimately we will have a single-payer system if we don’t stop this from happening. And that will give the government the kind of control that it needs. And, you know, all you have to do is look back through history – and this is something that most people don’t, they don’t know very much about history, even in this country.

Too right, Dr. Carson. Keep preaching the truth — hopefully someone starts listening.


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