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Is Obama a Christian? His Policies say “No”

I’m amazed that the media and a number of GOPers are saying that President Obama is a Christian. How can he be a Christian when he supports killing unborn babies, supports homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and continues to use his high office to force religious institutions to go against their religious beliefs by forcing them to fund abortifacient drugs?

President Obama has stood behind Planned Parenthood and promises to veto any bill that would stop sending the pro-abortion organization $500 million in stolen money to the organization.

These are not the actions of a Christian. President Obama’s inaction regarding the atrocities regarding Christians in the Middle East is reminiscent of the plight of Jews in Germany and Poland. While he is opening our borders to Islamists, he has said almost nothing about Christian refugees who are losing their homes, possessions, and even their lives to radical Islamists…


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Gary DeMar

Gary DeMar

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