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Ted Cruz Death Threats Investigated

It’s something that we “average” folk take for granted – the chance to live your life and do your job without fear that someone may look to hurt you or your family because of your job. Our politicians, especially the nationally recognizable ones, deal with this on a daily basis. Most of the time the threatening talk, is just that, talk. Even so, the harassment must be unsettling, nerve wracking and fear inducing. It’s probably a lot like living in a world where half the people you meet may very well be terrorists hell-bent on your destruction. Life like that is only for the thickest skinned people – men like Ted Cruz.

As a leader in the Tea Party movement and a Senator with some weight from the second most populous state in the nation, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has likely had to deal with his fair share of hate mail. In recent days, that despicable form of abuse has apparently been taken to the next level, as news has gone public that the Capitol police are keeping an ever closer eye on Senator Cruz’s “fans.”

A person identifying himself as Troy Gilmore Jr., posted on Twitter Friday morning: “Take down Ted Cruz, at his home” and listed Cruz’s home address in Houston. “What goes around comes around CRUZ!!” the person wrote. The author of the threat uses the Twitter handle @ArmyVet54 and identifies himself as having served in the U.S. Army and Navy… At about 5:30 pm on Friday, @ArmyVet54 posted another apparent threat, urging that Cruz “needs tobe [sic] taught a street wise [sic] lesson”. The person posted Cruz’s home address several other times this month and repeatedly used threatening language.

TedCruzTXAnytime something horrible happens or is threatened, the media and the left do their song and dance wondering what kind of God-fearing, gun-toting conservative crackpot would say or do something like this. But the truth of the matter is that these incidences emanate from either side with a similar frequency. It just means that crazy doesn’t recognize Left or Right. There are insane and evil conservatives and there are insane and evil liberals. Men like Mr. Gilmore are simply proof that evil exists, not that evil is more likely one political persuasion or the other.

Let’s pray for our national leaders – men like Ted Cruz, yes, but also for President Obama and our political adversaries, that they’d be protected from the violent acts of evil minds. Hopefully, whoever wrote these tweets finds himself swiftly met by American justice.


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