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Doritos Goes Gay with Rainbow Colored Chips

Frito-Lay has joined in the promotion of same-sex sexuality with its new rainbow-colored Doritos. We saw the same thing when Burger King and the maker of Oreos chose rainbow-themed advertisements for their products.

Let’s say what it is. The rainbow is being used as a fig leaf to cover up a sexual perversion. Homosexuality is not about love; it’s about a sex act. How does a rainbow represent two men copulating with one another? It doesn’t.

Someone new to the homosexual rights debate would never make a connection between a rainbow and a sex act. When advertisers want to use sex to sell a product, they generally put a pretty girl or a handsome guy in the ad. People get the connection. As they say, sex sells.

If you’ve ever seen advertisements for same-sex cruises, you know what’s going on. They are using “gay” sex to sell “gay” cruises. Rainbow flags are conspicuously absent.

Why doesn’t Frito-Lay show images from “Gay” Pride Parades? The company is promoting the “Dallas Pride Event.” Surely we’ll see some photos from the event in a future Doritos advertising campaign. Maybe men wearing oversized Doritos to cover their private parts. Show seven men in a Conga line, each with a different colored Dorito chip. I bet that would sell a lot of Doritos…


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