Is Ted Cruz Our Leader?

Whether or not Ted Cruz and other Republicans like it, he has become the unofficial leader of the conservative base of the Republican Party. Don’t get me wrong, we still love Rush Limbaugh, Rand Paul and others. But something about Cruz’s unflappable brashness resonates with us in a way that other conservative politicians have not since Ronald Reagan. I think that Ted Cruz reminds us a lot of the Gipper, who could say with an easy smile on his face that the Soviet Union were the “Evil Empire.” A statement that might seem like the height of international and political faux pas, but it’s what we we’re all thinking!

Ted Cruz does that too.

The biggest complaint coming out of DC from establishment Republicans is that the Ted Cruz-Mike Lee Defund Effort accomplished nothing but making the Party look bad. I humbly disagree. The effort to defund Obamacare was exactly the kind of thing the grassroots Republican have been hoping to see for years. We are tired of the politically calculating politicians who are always playing it safe yet never delivering us victory. Many of us recognized the futility of winning an effort to defund, but that doesn’t mean the entire effort was futile. In politics there is value to fighting and losing.

What the establishment Republicans should have been doing during the defund fight was using Ted Cruz as cover. Rand Paul supported the defund effort but came away from the fight unscathed, because in contrast to Cruz, he looked “tame.” Imagine if all of the GOP politicians had stood ground with Cruz and said, “I disagree with the tactic, but not the purpose.” They could have showed a united front while doing the exact thing they ended up doing. Instead, they chose to join the Democrats in attacking Cruz, proving to the conservative base that they are who we thought they were… not just moderates, but RINO’s to the core.

TedCruzTXTheir attempt to discredit Cruz — to turn him into some kind of modern day McCarthy caricature –instead has driven the entire base straight into his waiting embrace. If men like Peter King (R-NY) and John McCain (R-AZ) wanted to turn us against him by telling us he lied to us when he said we could defund Obamacare, they sadly misplayed their hand. We aren’t fools; we knew that defunding and delaying Obamacare would be nigh impossible. Either course would need the President’s approval, and how likely would he be to bend on his signature “achievement?”

No, that wasn’t the point.

The point was fighting. The point was standing up and saying, “No more.” Well “establishment” GOP, you finally united the conservative base… sadly, you’ve united us against you. We’ll follow our leader, Ted Cruz, and see where this ride takes us.

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