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Kid Takes Briefcase Bomb Lookalike to School – Gets Invited to the White House

A Muslim teenager was arrested for bringing a clock he built to class — which teachers thought might have been a dangerous device. It was not part of a science class.

The story has made Ahmed Mohamed a minor overnight celebrity A campaign of support on Twitter — with #IStandWithAhmed — was the site’s top-trending hashtag for a time.

Everybody from President Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton to NASA has tweeted encouraging messages to 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, who on Monday was handcuffed by cops and marched out of MacArthur High School in Texas.

The school is being ridiculed with being heavy handed with the incident. Of course, if some kid had brought a bomb to school and it went off, and people were injured or killed, what do you think people would be saying about school officials?

Sure looks like a bomb…



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