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Russia Continues Making Syrian Dictator Look Like the Good Guy

In the battle of wits that is our foreign policy struggle with Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin, the Obama White House seems to have been unarmed. Time after time Russia has made the Obama administration look foolish, and after a recent propaganda interview with Bashar al-Assad, that feeling continues to grow.

Russia recently established a military base in Syria in an effort to help Syria’s dictator Bashar al-Assad in his fight against the Muslim terrorists of ISIS and the Syrian Free Army (a group of rebels fighting both ISIS and the dictatorship to free Syria). Now, the Russian media is seeking to help Assad in another way as well — by making him seem as palatable (and innocent) as possible in the West.

Russian media station, Russia Today, recently interviewed the embattled Syrian dictator, who did his best to argue that he was fighting ISIS tooth and nail, and that he was not responsible for the flood of immigrants passing through Europe now. Assad told RT that the real villain of the European Refugee Crisis was the United States because the USA was at fault for creating ISIS and destabilizing the Middle East.

“It’s not about that Europe didn’t accept them or embrace them as refugees, it’s about not dealing with the cause. If you are worried about them, stop supporting terrorists. That’s what we think regarding the crisis. This is the core of the whole issue of refugees.”

Amazing. Russia may actually succeed in using the Middle Eastern conflagration and the refugee crisis to drive a wedge between the United States and the other nations of the West. I’m not sure how many foreign policy disasters President Obama can create (or preside over), but if Russia succeeds now in turning Europe against us, this will very likely be the most devastating foreign policy blow for our nation in the last 150 years.

It’s remarkable, but Russia may actually succeed in turning a vicious, violent, evil dictator into a sympathetic character! We need a new President, and we need one fast. If Obama makes any more mistakes (or maybe it’s all on purpose), we might not be able to recover.

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