Media Bias Strikes Again

Do you have any liberal friends who do that dramatic eye-roll anytime you mention the fact that the main stream media is hopelessly biased toward liberal policies and personalities? I do. I can even feel them doing the eye-roll thing when I am talking to them on the phone, or conversing with them over the internet. They always get that preachy and patronizing tone, “Oh you silly conservative. Of course the media isn’t biased. You’re ideas are just super wrong!”

It doesn’t really make me mad anymore, my psychiatrist gave me one of those stress ball things and I am really much calmer now. No, it doesn’t make me mad so much as it disappoints me. Most of the people are relatively intelligent beings who simply seem to be blinded to the fact that they could very well be wrong about some of their ideas. It disappoints me that they so blindly trust the people feeding them this slanted information on the way they believe life to really be. Well, I have some new ammo for them the next time we discuss the bias in media.

Two recent studies done about our media’s recent coverage of the Shutdown and the Obamacare Rollout show that our main stream media ain’t doing such a good job.

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In a new report from the Media Research Center we learn that the major network media blamed Republicans 41 times in their stories about the shutdown. In another 17 stories, the media blamed both parties. But there is not one instance of the media running a story that only blamed the Democrat Party. Not a single one.

How about an example of the pain caused by the shutdown?

NBC correspondent Miguel Almaguer profiled another out-of-work federal employee: “Wendy Robinson has been furloughed. A single mom with three mouths to feed, today she got her last paycheck. Robinson blames Congress.” Moments later, NBC viewers heard Robinson complaining: “I’m at a loss for words, really, about it because I’m not used to not giving my kids a Christmas.”

Four days out of work, and Christmas is cancelled?

Apparently, someone forgot to tell both Almaguer and Ms. Robinson that all of the furloughed federal workers will be receiving back pay for the time they missed. Methinks maybe NBC was being a little dramatic with Ms. Robinson’s story.

Meanwhile, in a second study undertaken by the good people at the Truth Report, we learn that over the last few weeks, media coverage of the Obamacare rollout was less than ideal. In fact, the media chose to cover “victims” of the government shutdown more than victims of the Obamacare rollout disaster… by more than 100 to 1!

MEDIA BIAS 1The Washington Post was a key offender in its bias. Between October 1 and October 16, the Washington Post website published over 220 stories both from its own writers and the wires focusing on the supposedly horrible effects of the government shutdown… it apparently ran a grand total of 3 that focused mainly on the individuals and small businesses victimized by Obamacare itself.

So, how did The New York Times stack up in its coverage of victims of the government shutdown versus victims of Obamacare? It ran well over 80 stories about victims of the government shutdown, ranging from general takes on the economic situation to lamentations about a new FEMA employee losing her job; from automakers taking a hit to Native Americans suffering; from foreign policy to restaurants; from a Tyrannosaurus Rex not entering a museum to furloughed employees having shutdown parties. The Times ran zero stories about those negatively affected by Obamacare itself. 

Overall, the Washington Post and New York Times covered victims of the government shutdown over victims of Obamacare by a margin of 100 to 1; ABC, NBC, and CBS News all covered victims of the government shutdown over victims of Obamacare by a margin of over 78 minutes to zero.

The media has become so obviously biased that they don’t even mind admitting it anymore (here and here are two recent examples). In fact, Media fairness defenders have become so obstinately blinded to truth that they may as well be viewed with the same sort of desperation that we look upon conspiracy crackpots sitting in their mother’s basements playing video games. Yep, it’s that bad.

So the next time a liberal tries to tell you that the main stream media isn’t biased, just roll your eyes and hand them a tin-foil hat.


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