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Public School Forces Children to Say that the Muslim God is the Only God!

William Cowper’s hymn “God moves in a Mysterious Way” is an apt description of what is happening in public (government) schools across our nation. One would have thought that tens of millions of Christian parents would have realized by now that the schools that propagandize their children six hours each day, five days each week, ten months each year for 12 years would have gotten the message by now that the schools are not on their side.

Here’s an example:

“Parents in a Nashville suburb expressed alarm this week because their middle school children are learning about Islam in a world history class but, they say, the school is pointedly ignoring Christianity.

“Brandee Porterfield, who has a seventh-grade daughter at Spring Hill Middle School in Spring Hill, Tenn., said her daughter came home with world history schoolwork all about the Five Pillars of Islam and other core teachings of the Abrahamic religion.

“Specifically, according to Spring Hill Home Page, Porterfield said her daughter’s world history project was based around the Five Pillars. The first and most important pillar — the shahada in Arabic — is roughly translated as: “There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.

“Porterfield said her daughter’s teacher instructed the girl to write: ‘Allah is the only God.’”


Mrs. Porterfield told Todd Starnes, “I was very angry that my child, my Christian child, was made to profess that Allah was the only God.”

The public schools certainly aren’t teaching the curriculum from a Christian point of view. There’s no allowance for any mention of Jesus, God, prayer, or the Bible. In reality, government schools are officially atheistic. There is no neutrality. So why do Christian parents still send their children there?

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