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In what can only be called one of the vilest, disgusting and disturbing displays of sexism in recent years, Time magazine has allowed some callous bigot the opportunity to write their headline piece on the government shutdown. In the article, the author claims that one sex is obviously much more fit to govern than the other based on their maturity levels. I can only imagine that the next thing this writer will be saying is that we should consider whether or not both sexes should have the guaranteed right to suffrage in the United States!

The headline of the Time article is likely to disturb you, but I must print it so that you understand just how gross of a claim is being made here by the sexist “news” magazine.

sexismThe title? Women Are the Only Adults Left in Washington

The subheading? “With the federal government at shutdown’s door, the 20 female Senate members are setting new standards for civility and bipartisanship. Look out, old boys’ club.”

Truly disgusting, no?

Alright, all of this is in jest. I don’t actually believe the author of the Time article is making value judgments about the ability of women over men to govern. But imagine if the title of the article said that men were the only adults left in Washington? I believe the author, Jay Newton-Small, might be searching for a new job today.

His argument focuses on the work done by Susan Collins (R-ME) to try to end the shutdown.

At one of the darkest moments of the government shutdown, with markets dipping and both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue hurling icy recriminations, Maine Republican Susan Collins went to the Senate floor to do two things that none of her colleagues had yet attempted. She refrained from partisan blame and proposed a plan to end the crisis. “I ask my Democratic and Republican colleagues to come together,” Collins said on Oct. 8. “We can do it. We can legislate responsibly and in good faith.”

Senate Appropriations Committee chair Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat, happened to be standing nearby, and she soon picked up a microphone and joined in. “Let’s get to it. Let’s get the job done,” she said. “I am willing to negotiate. I am willing to compromise.” Ten minutes later, a third Senator stood to speak. “I am pleased to stand with my friend from Maine, Senator Collins, as she has described a plan which I think is pretty reasonable,” said Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski. “I think it is pretty sensible.”

Others got involved in Collins effort to reach a compromise, but he seems to forget that male members of the Republican Party (in both the House and Senate) had been saying the same exact things for weeks! The problem isn’t a “male” problem. The problem was that President Barack Obama and Senator Harry Reid had said that they would NOT negotiate on the budget. And they didn’t until the very last second. In fact, when Collins’ proposal, which had been written with Democrat support, came to the White House, President Obama turned it down.

This Time article is a cute attempt to distract people from what really happened over the last few weeks. President Obama and the Democrats held us all hostage because they were unwilling to negotiate until the last second. Why? They were hoping that Americans would buy their media driven fairy tale that the shutdown was the Republicans fault — even though the Republicans had offered deal after deal after deal, with the White House refusing to negotiate all the while.

Senator Collins offer was exactly what the White House said they wanted … and they still turned it down. This isn’t about male vs. female or Democrat vs. Republican, it wasn’t even about Obamacare or the budget…

The shutdown was all about POWER. President Obama wants more of it, and this was a tool to try and grab it.

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