New Jersey Makes the Senate Worse

Wednesday in the Garden State was the special election date for who would become the new Senator from the great state of New Jersey. Residents of the Garden State were presented with two starkly different candidates who would work to do very different things in Washington, D.C. The more famous of the two was media darling Cory Booker, who is as radical a leftist as they come. The other candidate was Republican Steve Lonegan, a Tea Party activist and ardent social conservative. In New Jersey the race should have never been in doubt… and it wasn’t, really.

There were some tense moments for Mayor Booker as the race wound down, mostly because the man is a proven liar and charlatan. But as we are all learning, being a liar, cheat and scoundrel in a liberal district or state is no big deal. Otherwise, how could we explain the continued election of men like Bob Menendez, John Corzine, Marion Barry, Charlie Rangel, etc.?

bookerloneganUp until Wednesday, his highest political office had been that of Mayor of the city of Newark, NJ. Newark, being a poor city with limited resources and major problems, did not offer Mr. Booker much of an opportunity to flex his liberal muscles. The state of New Jersey and the rest of the nation is now going to learn just how radical a liberal Cory Booker is. Now Booker has the opportunity to be part of crafting legislation that will strip us of our rights, that will pickpocket us of our wages, and that will force business to shoulder the burdens of ridiculous regulations that accomplish nothing but destroying our economic well-being.

On the other hand, we could have had another conservative stalwart in the Senate. New Jersey could have elected a man of principle and morality. New Jersey could have sent Steve Lonegan to work for them in Washington, D.C. Had they send Mayor Lonegan, they would likely have reaped the benefits of lower taxes, less government spending, and less regulations on the jobs they want to have. Had they sent Steve Lonegan to Washington, the people of New Jersey would be roundly thanked for their wisdom and their kindness in giving us a politician who would work to ensure our freedom, rather than look to strip freedom from us.

Sadly, that didn’t happen. The people of New Jersey did just as they were expected and continued in their legacy of electing liberals to mire their state in taxes and regulations. Thanks for sending a man who failed to govern a corrupt and crime-ridden city like Newark to an even more corrupt Washington, D.C., where he can fail yet again. Thanks for nothing New Jersey, you’ve been no help.

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