Homeowner Protects Home With Gun… Again

If you’re like me, you are likely getting tired of having to defend our 2nd Amendment for low-information voters and their politicians. Being online as often as I am, I routinely have to defend our position from the ad hominem and strawmen arguments that liberals so often use against gun-rights activists. They blame us, the law abiding gun owner, for all of the random gun violence that occurs across our country. In truth, it’s often the liberal politicians they have elected who are soft on crime that allow so much illegal gun play to happen. Perhaps if they would begin voting for men and women who would uphold the law with the same kind of tenacity with which they attack our rights… we wouldn’t have to talk about gun violence in places like Chicago, Detroit and Camden all of the time.

One of the most oft-repeated arguments is that gun owners don’t really need to carry a gun to protect themselves. I mean, it’s not like we’re living in the Middle Ages and we have to worry about Highwaymen robbing us on the way to Grandma’s house, right? Wrong. Americans protect themselves with legal firearms every single day, and it makes a BIG difference.

Recently another example of the sound logic of gun rights was demonstrated to us in Phoenix, Arizona.

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The homeowner and legal gun owner arrived home from work one night and noticed that several lights were on in his home. Thinking it was strange, he grabbed his personal firearm out of his truck and made his way in side. Once inside he confronted a burglar, 22 year Aaron Fisher, who told the homeowner he was a drug addict just before he advanced on him. The police have now released the 911 call, and here’s what the victim says happened.

lapierre“I just got home from work.  There’s a burglar inside.  Send an ambulance.  I shot him… There was a side door open. I just unlocked my house.  There was a man there.. he said he was on drugs and he was walking at me.. anyway I need paramedics.  I need the police department.  I got my handgun out of my truck and.. I’m sorry.. I shot him.”

When police arrived they found the burglar, Aaron Fisher, dead on the floor inside the home. The homeowner is understandably distraught and saddened by the incident, but thanks to his ability to defend himself… he’s still alive.

The evidence is clear, folks. Legal gun ownership is an important tool in the defense of law abiding citizens.

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