Starbucks Loves Gay Marriage



Howard Schultz is the CEO of Starbucks.  He is a coffee bean counter who sells overpriced, mediocre coffee.  He is an intellectual midget standing on the stilts of the liberal politically erect and correct.


He is looking down on people like me because I am amused by same sex marriage.  He wants to see a world in which same sex families borrow children from other real couples.  He is deluded by his sophomoric ideology.


At his annual Starbucks shareholder meeting, Shultz suggested that, “ If you support traditional marriage over gay marriage, Starbucks doesn’t want your business.”


I guess he only likes artificial reproduction.


His reason for backing contradictory gay families is the stupid cliché that Starbucks wants “to embrace diversity of all kinds.”   “Diversity” has become the new hippy word like “far out” or “love is all you need.”


Shultz told a shareholder who supports traditional, normal marriage that he should sell his shares.

Gee, Schultz is a self-inflated moral guy  who is trying to destroy his own company.  He reminds me of Abercrombie and Fitch who told its customers that it didn’t want anyone over thirty shopping there.


A few years back Shultz would have been considered nuts. He reminds me of Jim Jones in Guyana.  I’m not drinking any of that coffee anymore.


I lost my company because of neglect.  Perhaps he wants to follow in my  footsteps.  I don’t think he’d do well in jail.  Let him try pontificating to the criminals.  Let him cozy up to the gays in my dorm.  


Shultz is a big fan of gay marriage.  Is he gay?  I doubt it.  He is a typical liberal who doesn’t know who he is and wears slogans like “gay marriage” on his sleeve. 


As for his diversity,  that’s the reason why America is falling apart and we’ve lost the workable concept of the melting pot.  Diversity is a curse, said in many languages. 

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David Lawrence

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