Black Lives Don’t Matter to Thugs

Black Lives Don’t Matter to Thugs


Sharon Plummer lost two sons, Neshawn and Shawn, to gun violence.  Statistics in their neighborhood hint that their deaths were the result of black on black crime rather than the fault of a weapon.  Certainly, the much maligned cops didn’t shoot them.


Sharon’s sons were good kids unlike Freddie Gray and Michael Brown who were thugs that the cops killed in order to defend the community against criminals. Whether these killings were excessive or not is a judgment call unlike the deaths of Neshawn and Shawn which were a definite horror committed by blacks against blacks.


The protestors say “Black lives matter.”  Apparently, they don’t to blacks who kill each other wholesale.


The best of the blacks die because their trashy protesters defend violence over the police.  It’s time that cops were encouraged to defend the good blacks at the expense of the criminal blacks. The Al Sharpton’s of the world cut the fabric of society and cause a weakening of societal values and crime in the hood.


It’s time that the criminal activist blacks were recognized for what they are—forces trying to create chaos in the black community so that within the confusion they could encourage their criminal enterprises after hamstringing the police.


Can you imagine blacks being stupid enough to attack the cops who protect them from their own thugs?  Are they suicidal or just so blinded by their hypocritical sense of justice that they feel that their color entitles them to attack the cops who protect their color?


If I were black I would curse out “Black lives matter” to protect my community from their moronic ravings.

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David Lawrence

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