Red Skelton Warned Us About Democrats

The fabulously hilarious Red Skelton once took the time to speak out a prophecy to future America. Little did we realize then, that within the next fifty years the truths he had spoken would be forgotten by many American, including our political leaders.

The Democrat Party has forgotten that the government “is the people and it’s from the people to the leaders. Not from the leaders to the people.”

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To the flag, our standard, Old Glory, a symbol of freedom. Wherever she waves there is respect…

States… yet united to a common purpose and that’s love for country…

Republic a state in which sovereign power is invested in representatives chosen by the people to govern… and government is the people and it’s from the people to the leaders. Not from the leaders to the people.

One nation, meaning so blessed by God.

Liberty, which is freedom, the right of power to live one’s own life without threats, fear or some sort of retaliation.

Justice, the principle or quality of dealing fairly with others.

For all, which means… it’s as much your country as it is mine.

Since I was a small boy two states have been added to our country and two words have been added to the Pledge of Allegiance. “Under God”, wouldn’t it be a pity if someone said, “That is a prayer,” and that would be eliminated from schools too?

redOver the last five years of the Obama administration, the Democrat Party has simply pushed aside the wishes of half the country. They have relegated the minority party Republicans to the “time-out” corner, and rammed through legislation that the Republicans were wholly against. Consider that the most important piece of legislation in 75 years, Obamacare, was shoved through the government without a single Republican vote. Not one. Not a RINO, or a moderate, or a conservative voted for that legislation, and yet it is now the law of the land.

Over the last five years, the Democrat Party has forgotten that our nation is supposed to be a symbol of liberty, and they’ve burdened our liberty with more taxes and more regulations. They’ve completely discarded respect for our God, even removing His name from their Party platform. Then when they tried to reintroduce Him during their last convention… they booed. They booed the God of the Universe. They’ve chosen to turn a blind eye to justice, using the law to turn Christians, social conservatives, and other people of faith into second class citizens…going so far as to lump us together with hate-groups like the KKK and the neo-Nazis.

They’ve decided that the country is not as much ours as it is theirs. They’ve decided that they will rule over us and that our will means nothing.

I wish we would’ve listened when we had the chance, Red.

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