Here’s What Hillary and Obama are Trying to Hide in Her Emails

On August 27, Breitbart’s Edwin Mora reported on the testimony of a witness to the attack at the United States compound in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 which killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The witness, whom a Breitbart News reporter interviewed, was living near the compound when the attack took place.

Among other things, the witness corroborated several independent reports that the Obama administration likely provided the weapons used by the Islamists involved in the Benghazi attack. He also said that several Americans had been evacuated from the compound minutes before the first attack, because they saw about 40 armed extremists, “most likely affiliated with al-Qaeda,” approaching the embassy.

The witness was surprised to hear that Ambassador Stevens had been left behind.

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“Sometimes it feels like a cheesy, cheap movie,” he said. “…like the United States intended for the ambassador to die… They sacrificed him as a scapegoat.”

Which is a conclusion I have entertained since the week of the attack. The telltale signs of something other than an enemy incursion were evident within days after the attack. This is completely discounting the notion that an anti-Muslim YouTube video that had been viewed by 17 people as of Sept. 11, 2012 had anything whatsoever to do with it.

We know that the Obama administration illegally destabilized Libya via the 2011 U.S. and NATO-led bombings and uprising against Muammar Gaddafi. After Gaddafi was deposed and killed, Libya was left in a state of chaos.

benghazi-liarsIn the days, weeks, and months following the Benghazi tragedy, of course we learned of clandestine arms shipments that were being routed to Syrian rebels from Libya by the CIA. This was corroborated by numerous sources in the public and private sectors, as well as by the Middle East press.

We learned that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department had hired the al-Qaeda-linked militia group known as the February 17th Martyrs Brigade to provide security at the Benghazi compound.

We learned that our government and Congress, including Sen. John McCain specifically, had been working with and arming Islamist extremists and Syrian rebels, including the February 17th Brigade and a group later identified as ISIS.

We learned that operatives tied to Muhammad Morsi, then-President of Egypt, lent on-site tactical support to the Benghazi attackers. Obama’s clandestine radical operatives had catalyzed the 2011 Arab Spring, which facilitated Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt.

We learned that Kristi Rogers, the wife of former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, ran a private military contracting firm that was involved in recruiting security in the region (including Libya). Mike Rogers later ran interference for the White House during the Benghazi investigation.

The litany of treason goes on, but what clinched it for me was the conclusion that the Obama administration saw an imperative in making something or someone at the compound in Benghazi disappear, and either allowed the attack to occur, or ordered it outright.

After the evidence of Morsi operatives being involved was revealed, I came down on the side of believing that the White House had ordered it outright. Whether it was to eliminate evidence of their arming terrorists, or to eliminate Ambassador Stevens for reasons we may never know, obviously I can’t say.

But I can say this: This knowledge took me from believing that these people were corrupt, nefarious politicians who crossed the line and ought to be prosecuted, to believing they should be burned in a pile on the Capitol Mall before national news cameras.

Clinton-BenghaziImagine, from your comfy chair, being Chris Stevens or one of the other men that night in Benghazi, or any one of the thousands of men, women, and children who have been enslaved or killed by ISIS primates if you think mine is an “extreme” view…

Instigator News has just published a major exposé by Scott Bennett, Ph.D., a former 11th Psychological Operations Battalion and U.S. Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command Officer. He is the former Army officer and whistleblower who uncovered the betrayal and cover-up by the US government of the Union Bank of Switzerland terrorist financing connection to Edward Snowden’s report on the NSA, CIA, Booz Allen Hamilton and US Central Command, and the US financing of Islamist terror groups.

Bennett (a former 2nd Lieutenant) has been through the wringer getting this story out, including being railroaded into prison, as have others involved in this case. This is one of the reasons Snowden decided not to throw himself upon the tender mercies of the US court system, by the way…

The web of treason and unbridled evil uncovered by Bennett is nearly beyond comprehension. It also answers the question of what is in Hillary Clinton’s emails that she and the White House absolutely do not want America to know.

This is why I personally believe that if we had a working Justice Department right now, between the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and various federal agencies, we would be looking at literally hundreds of people being prosecuted for treason and other high crimes. We might even be looking at the convening of an international war crimes tribunal.

And if I had anything to say about it, those convicted for the worst crimes would be publicly executed by hanging… televised, of course.

Why? So that we might not have to worry about a gang of swine this evil, megalomaniacal, power-mad, and soulless taking over the government of We the People for another hundred years or so.

You’ll notice I said might.

Welcome to the jungle…


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Erik Rush

Instigator News Network Founder Erik Rush is an author, speaker, and contributor of social commentary to various print and online publications. In February 2007, he was the first to break the story of President (then Senator) Barack Obama’s ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright on a national level. Erik is a graduate of Liberty University's School of Business.

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