Only the Abolishment of our Tyrannical Government will Save America

We are now more than six years into the utter destruction of America being perpetrated by the Obama administration and abetted by his Radical Marxist/Islamist appointees in our Executive Branch.    Much damage was inflicted during Obama’s first term, but the dark and tragic 2012 election when 51% of voters granted him a second term (the legitimacy of his ” Presidency ” is, for several reasons, highly suspect at best ) has resulted in literally a ” reign of terror ” during which our nation is rapidly being torn asunder.   Unless you are among those foolish Americans paying little or no attention to these cataclysmic events, you are woefully aware of how close we are as a nation in 2015, to political conditions that existed 1860 and in 1774.

On the eve of our American Civil War in 1860, the nation was deeply divided into two separate camps, essentially as America is in 2015, needing only the spark of the election of 1860 to confirm the inevitability of separation and war.   Three years earlier in 1857, the infamous Dred Scott pro-slavery decision had accelerated the decades of simmering tensions and drift toward open conflict.   On the eve of the American Revolutionary War in 1774, decades of resentment in English Colonial America against the tyranny of the King, required only the spark of the “Intolerable Acts” by the King, involving stripping away basic liberties, unfair taxation and severe economic and political oppression, to confirm the inevitability of separation and war.

tyranny1By combining historical elements of the political conditions existing in America on the eve of the Revolutionary War in 1770-1775, and on the eve of the American Civil War in 1854-1860, we are sitting on a ” powder keg ” in America of deeply felt fear, anger and desperation in a large segment of our citizenry.   The duel set of dangerous conditions America in 2015 are: first, we are forced to live under tyrannical oppression by our government, as were American Colonists in the 1770s; second, we are more deeply and fiercely divided politically into two nations, one Constitutional Conservatives, the other Neo-Marxist Leftists, than at any time since 1860.   America today is a nation politically divided in rage, fear and mistrust, ruled by tyrannical elites who have nearly destroyed our once great nation.   We are, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, a nation divided against itself ” which cannot long endure.   Furthermore, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, ” when government becomes destructive of those ends ( life, liberty, pursuit of happiness ) it is the duty of the people to alter or abolish it “.

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For almost seven years America has suffered terribly at the hands of an arrogant, defiant and unconstitutionally lawless Executive Branch under Barack Obama, subjugating and suppressing the will of the people and suffocating our freedoms.   His utter disregard for the Bill of Rights has so violently struck us with so many illegal executive dictates that Americans are ” punch drunk ” -but, with ” blood in our eye ” stinging from oppression, are ready to fight back with the fury of a people with little left to lose.

In November 2014 in our midterm Congressional elections, our fed-up and angry electorate answered the promises of Conservatives and the GOP to stop and to reverse the madness of the Obama “Presidency”, by stepping forward to answer the call at the polls.   Having elected solid Republican and Conservative majorities in both houses of Congress, hopes and expectations ran high from November 2014 until the Spring months of this year.   By not later than April or May, this new GOP-majority Congress had a despicable, if not treasonous, record of inaction. Despite such urgent need for legislative action to stop illegal immigration, curb our staggering national debt, rebuild our disintegrating health care system under Obamacare, to end the unconstitutional executive actions destroying the Bill of Rights, and prevent a ” treaty ” with Iran empowering Iran to attempt the destruction of Israel and America – Congress has done virtually nothing.

obamawarThe sobering truth is that the GOP has literally conspired and partnered with Obama and the Neo-Marxist Congressional Democrats to give Obama free reign to continue his wanton and evil destruction of America.   The ” final straw ” for Americans watching Congress, has been the astonishing abandonment of Senate’s Constitutional duty to advise, consent and ratify any Presidentially negotiated treaties.   By turning their backs on Americans and treasonously allowing Obama to give Iran nuclear war capability and, by ending sanctions, $150 billion in economic aid, to the fanatical anti American, radical Islamic and terrorism sponsoring nation of Iran, Congress has neutered itself and handed legislative authority to our Executive Branch.   There is absolutely no reasonable excuse for Congress, particularly a GOP majority Congress, to abandon their Constitutional duty as Obama and his Executive Branch has done for nearly seven years.   Clearly the GOP majority has colluded with the Obama administration, and Democrats in Congress and by doing so, are, ” in aiding and abetting ” lawlessness, are as complicit in America’s ongoing destruction as ” President ” Barack Obama.

On the eve of the Revolutionary war, the Stamp Act (1765) and the ” Intolerable Acts ” (1774)

Incited Americans to engage the British in battle at Lexington and Concord (1775) when the British army marched in to disarm the colonists and led to a Declaration of Independence (1776), followed by seven years of war that brought a new government and the birth of freedom.   On the eve of our Civil War, ” bleeding Kansas ” (1854-56) and the pro-slavery Dred Scott decision of the Supreme Court (1857) solidified irreconcilable differences North vs. South leading to the election of Abraham Lincoln (1860) and the start of Civil War at Ft. Sumter (1861).  In our America of Summer, 2015, we witnessed the judicial horror at the Supreme Court on June 26, in which “five jackass judges” subverted 6,000 years of world history, tradition and law in mandating “homosexual marriage” nationwide.  Five Supreme Court justices who are accountable to no one ignored the Constitution and replaced it with personal opinion, bias and social pressure from left wing gay lobbyists and their fascist allies.   By this horrific judicial ruling, which along with Roe v. Wade (1973) is clearly the worst action by the Court since the Dred Scott case (1857) these five justices opened the floodgates for wholesale, nationwide legal assaults on Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Association, and Freedom of Expression.  And, as many already know, that legal assault has already begun.

By means of this judicial ” Coup de Grace “, the Courts have officially turned lawless and have joined forces with our Executive and Legislative Branches to tear asunder our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and brought to an effective end all pretense of an American Democratic Republic.

All three branches of the national government in Washington, as well as the majority of both political parties, have established tyranny, in the place of Freedom; have established tyranny, in the place of Justice; and, have established tyranny, in the place of ” Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness “.   America is now divided into two separate nations within one; one “nation” demanding freedom, liberty and justice for all, and the other “nation” demanding the enslavement of all in exchange for Judas’ ” 30 pieces of silver ” – commonly known as the welfare-state/corporate-state-dictatorship.

Clearly, the time is now, or never for freedom-loving, Creator-respecting, virtuous Americans to realize that our corrupt and fascist government must be either altered or abolished, to be replaced with leaders and statesmen/stateswomen who will restore our republican form of government.   Will Americans be sufficiently discerning and involved to choose wisely at the ballot box in 2016, in what otherwise will likely be American’s last chance for free elections?   Or, will Americans be forced to resort to more creative, alternative means, to restore the American Republic and our natural rights?   Please, America, to restore our dying nation, recall the inaugural words of John F. Kennedy (1961); ” Here on Earth, God’s Work must truly be our own “.

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Dale Summitt

Dale Summitt, a passionate writer, public speaker and consultant on public policy, Christian advocacy, education and other issues, is Owner & C.E.O. of Trailblazing America, guardian of America's Christian Faith, Constitution and Bill of Rights, by trailblazing new pathways to Liberty, Justice and Virtue. A veteran career educator and a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian, he is a veteran of the Constitutional Conservative side of the " Culture Wars ", during his long and successful career in teaching and educational leadership in both public and private schools. Battling to preserve morality and high academic standards, Mr. Summitt devoted many years to confronting the dark forces of the radical left who seek to indoctrinate students with liberal and immoral doctrines and threatening to destroy our nation from within.

Mr. Summitt is a " true believer " in the Constitutional principles of limited self-government and the preservation of liberty and freedom enshrined in our Bill of Rights, as well as a firm adherent to a Christian worldview. Believing as a Christian educator and writer that education and intellect is wasted on anyone lacking moral character, he is determined to use his writing abilities to help restore the greatness and Exceptionalism of America and preserve the Judeo-Christian culture that has existed since our nation's founding.

Mr. Summitt resides in a rural area of the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas with his loving wife and family. He is constructing a new website and will soon be back online at

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