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Socialism: One Epic Fail

Jesse Watters proves it… the average citizen has no idea what socialism looks like in practice.

He does another man-on-the-street asking regular folks their thought on socialism and socialist policies.

It’s jaw-dropping and almost impossible to fathom the depths of cluelessness that people are operating within.

Here’s a just a few of their thoughts:

Socialism…  “puts power back in the hands of the people.” FAIL!

Socialism… “there will be a bigger middle class.” FAIL!

Socialism…  increasing taxes to get out of debt “you have to spend money to make money.”

Socialism… “Has a poor person ever offered you a job?” “They have not.” FAIL!

Socialism… “is good for America.” FAIL! “It wasn’t very good for Greece was it.”

It’s definitely worth the watch. Enjoy!

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