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What’s the First Word You Associate with Hillary Clinton? New Poll has the Shocking Answer

Okay, maybe the answer that the latest Quinnipiac Poll gives us isn’t actually that shocking.

The latest Q-poll was released on Thursday and it had lots of interesting numbers for the candidates.

Donald Trump continues to rise in the polls, pushing his ceiling higher than most observers previously thought possible, Trump’s strongest supporters are “liberal” Republicans. Marco Rubio continues to be the strongest candidate for the GOP (based on polling), but the most interesting little nugget may well have been what the pollsters discovered about Hillary Clinton.

Would it surprise you if most voters first thought about Hillary Clinton was LIAR?

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.48.17 PM


Yep, the top three responses for what is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Hillary Clinton were; Liar, Dishonest and Untrustworthy. In fact, “Liar” is far and away the first thing most respondents thought when asked… it wasn’t even close.

Hillary’s lead in the polls also continues its epic collapse (and it probably has a lot to do with the fact that most people think of her as a liar). In fact, the former first lady has fallen so far that Vice President Joe Biden now rates as a stronger candidate for the Democrat nomination.

Matchups among all American voters show Biden tops Trump 48 – 40 percent. He beats Bush 45 – 39 percent and gets 44 percent to Rubio’s 41 percent.

Clinton edges Trump 45 – 41 percent. She gets 42 percent to Bush’s 40 percent and gets 44 percent to Rubio’s 43 percent.

Sanders edges Trump 44 – 41 percent and edges Bush 43 – 39 percent. Rubio gets 41 percent to Sanders’ 40 percent.

We have a great chance to win this thing, folks. Please, let’s get it done.

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