Pat Buchanan For President?

Donald Trump has a road map.  No need to recreate this political wheel.  He already has many of the current political issues firmly in his grasp.  All he needs now is a few more and he might just ride a populist wave all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  The question is can he not blow it.

Americans tend to like a plain talking, straight shooting, genuinely angry, self confident businessman who wants things changed — because they too want things changed.  We’re tired of waiting.

Donald Trump is the kind of guy who day in and day out expects his vision, his business plan, to get implemented when he wants, how he wants and the way he wants.  In short, he makes things happen.  Is he brash and a bit arrogant? Yes.  Is he the best spokesperson for the GOP? No.  Is he the most Presidential?  I don’t know, but what he is, and people love it, is politically incorrect and damn mad about how things are going in America!

I can’t help but love the controversy and scurrying about that he causes the talking heads and the establishment every time he opens his mouth.  It’s a real pleasure to watch.  “Jorge Ramos, go back to Univison!”  Who doesn’t chuckle at that?

In 1992 Pat Buchanan jumped into the presidential race against a sitting President of his own Party, a very tepid George H. W. Bush. For no other reason than because he refused to continue the legacy of his predecessor Ronald Reagan (whom Buchanan was a speech writer).  The initial reaction from conservatives and Republicans was a resounding cheer.  Rush Limbaugh loved it.  But it didn’t take long for the establishment detractors to begin to chip away at anything and everything they could dig up or manufacture in a desperate attempt to stop the march on Washington DC by his band of patriots with pitchforks.  The wagons are circling around Trump in much the same way.  But if he stays on top of his game and talks straight with the American people — he has a real chance at capturing the White House.

Pat Buchanan and Donald TrumpTrump like Pat Buchanan before him is tapping into an angry and resentful public who is tired of the old guard and wants change, not lip service, but real action on issue about which they care deeply.  That shot across the bow by Buchanan began the movement that ended with a historic conservative sweep into Congress in 1994 that brought Newt Gingrich to leadership under the banner of his Contract with America.

Donald Trump is filling the void. Trump is filling a vacuum of leadership that Buchanan filled 25 years ago.  And what is so surprising to me as I reflect back on those days, the issues remain much the same.

Pat Buchanan talked about the need for an American First foreign policy that ends endless wars and endless foreign aid and tells rich allies that they must pay for their own defense.  Trumps appears ready to make those same demands that are robbing the American middle class of their dreams by transferring their wealth abroad.

Buchanan championed an economic nationalism that focused on winning trade deals — not just engaging in them.  Buchanan’s idea of a successful trade deal was one in which the playing field was forever tilted in America’s favor — for the benefit of the American worker — not leveling the playing field by bowing down to the golden calf of so-called global free trade agreements that send jobs and profits overseas.

Buchanan talked about restoring American freedom by becoming pro-business and pro-worker by ending unionization, over-regulation and burdensome tax codes. Curbing the power of the IRS and getting a Balanced Budget Amendment through Congress. Trump harps on these same issues

Buchanan championed restoring the 10th Amendment and ending the de facto unconstitutional violations of the states by the federal government.  Slashing the size of government, cutting spending, abolishing Cabinet departments and returning the money and power back to the states and to the people. Trump should do the same.

Buchanan called for an end to the divisive idea of “diversity as a strength” and instead called for a return to the unifying principle of e pluribus unum, that we are all Americans.  Trump is already pressing this bruise of the progressive left and giving nightmares to the “dreamers” in the GOP.   Trump should call for ending all reverse discrimination by preference and quota, affirmative action and set asides, and stop dividing the American people by categorizing citizens by color, race or ethnicity, like the current administration loves to do.  Class warfare is a form of treason used by those who want to “transform” America and it must end.  Hyphenated Americanism, dual citizenship and dual loyalties are all un-American.  True equality and justice is blind.

planned parenthood2The recent Planned Parenthood video scandal was on Buchanan’s radar 25 years ago when he championed an unapologetic pro-life position for the elderly and the unborn, with a priority in overturning Roe vs Wade and ending to all government funding of those in the abortion racket.  Planned Parenthood must not survive the knife of the next administration.

Buchanan called for a return to traditional values — today that would equate to a defense of traditional marriage.  Buchanan promised strengthening FCC regulations on cultural pollution to protect America’s children from what goes into their hearts and minds as strictly as we monitor and regulate what they eat, drink or breath.  All publicly funded institutions such as the Smithsonian or the National Endowment for the Arts will at all times respect American history and American values.  Taxpayers funding will only promote, champion and lift up America and her values never tear them down.

The Confederate Flag as part of our American experience (and southern pride) must be defended as an important (if tragic) symbol of American history.  Equally, all monuments, statues, battlefields, soldiers and politicians should be protected and maintained as part of our unique history and rich heritage.

Perhaps the most important issue of our time is illegal immigration.  The invasion across our southern border must be halted, and no illegal alien, uninvited invader, should be allowed welfare even as the parent of an anchor baby.  Babies born in the U.S. should be handed to the mother and bused back to Mexico upon leaving the birthing hospital.  We need to close off and seal the southwest border to illegals (with a wall or troops or both) enforcing current immigration laws and adding a new one to reflect that Americans decide who gets in and who doesn’t.  Laws banning employment, housing, healthcare, drivers licenses, bank accounts and schooling should be enforced in order to facilitate the self deportation process.

Trump and Buchanan agree that the first principle of any immigration policy must be the peace, stability, unity and well being of our own country, not the concerns or needs of the border jumper.  Any new immigration policy should include making sure that the vast majority of those coming into the country look, sound and think like Americans, that they are prepared to become Americans, assimilate and embrace fully their new identity.  And once here lift up America with their talents and contributions, always defending her values, heritage, flag and honor never tearing her down or becoming a burden to their new American family.

I believe Trump will bring an end to Birthright Citizenship.  The next President must restore the 14th Amendment.  Clarifying once and for all that only Americans can give birth to Americans, ending the incentive for invasion and returning sanity and common sense to the law.

And finally for those who become citizens through naturalization, who take the oath (in English), the next President must demand that if you cannot swear to defend your new country and its constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic — you are not worthy of being called an American and should return to the land from which you came.

If Trump will run on these platforms, he may well become the next President of the United States.

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David Whitley

David is a deacon at his local church and a perpetual student of religion, politics and American history. Author, speaker, blogger, David lives in Southern California with his wife and their three children. You can follow him on Twitter @cogitarus or online at He's available for speaking engagements upon request.

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