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Proof that the Democrats Own the Shutdown

We can go back and forth on the problems that led to the most recent government shutdown and how partisan politics may be bad for America (it’s not). Both sides of the debate have cast blame upon their opponents. Republicans have taken to calling this Harry Reid’s Shutdown or President Obama’s Shutdown, while Democrats have derisively attacked the Tea Party, and placed the blame squarely at the feet of the Republican base.

Sadly for the Democrats, we now have conclusive evidence that the shutdown is completely their fault. Indeed, the evidence is so damning that we can say without a shadow of a doubt, the Democrats OWN the shutdown.

When did this happen? Why haven’t we been hearing about it in the news? Where can I see this evidence?

It’s all right here.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) offered a compromise that would give Democrats everything they said they wanted… but they turned it down. The Democrats turned down the offer they have said all along they wanted. Why? Ezra Klein answers that question for us.

…It locks in sequestration levels of spending for six months. Key Senate Democrats see that as a much larger, and more dangerous, concession than the old CR, which only agrees to it for six weeks. Democrats don’t know how they’re going to get rid of sequestration. But they don’t want to agree to it.

Klein gives two other reasons, but they’re truly horrible reasons, so this one is really their only hold-up.

The problem with this reason is that it makes no sense. The President said he wouldn’t negotiate on the shutdown. Harry Reid (D-NV) said he wouldn’t negotiate on the shutdown. They dared the House to send them a “clean” continuing resolution.

So that’s what Susan Collins did; she wrote a compromise that basically gave them a clean CR while getting rid of the medical device tax that both party’s hate. Now they want the sequester weakened? What happened to “No Negotiating?” The Sequester was already law (just like Obamacare libs) and would not have been affected by a clean Continuing Resolution, so how can the Democrats hold up opening the government over this issue?

reid obamaThe answer is that we were right all along — the Democrats wanted this shutdown. The Democrats own this shutdown.

See folks, the shutdown is just a political game the Democrat Party is playing with the American people. They don’t care about the out of work government employees, they don’t care about the closed-off memorials, and they don’t care about forcing us into defaulting on our debts. They only care about themselves. If it’s bad for America but good for the Democrat Party, so be it. It’s all about them.

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