Pro-Life Advocates Attacked By Pro-Abortion Thugs

We live in a bit of a bubble here in the United States, don’t we? Even the most attentive news junkie would admit that most of the news we pay attention to happens on American soil. The cable news networks know this, which is why they focus on American content, only venturing to international news when it involves us directly. (For example war coverage in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.) Just because we may not be paying attention to the news from overseas though, doesn’t mean there is any news happening overseas.

In fact, we have many comrades and allies fighting for conservative principles all over the globe. Some of them are involved in very important political contests, like conservatives in recent elections in Australia, Germany and Norway. Some of them are in similarly important life and death struggles, and one such story comes to us from Australia.

Did you know that there is a strong pro-life movement around the planet? The sad fact is that the United States of America is one of the most extreme on abortion countries in the world. Only six nations allow abortion for any reason after 20 weeks – China, North Korea, Canada, Singapore, the Netherlands and the USA. Singapore and the Netherlands stop at 24 weeks though, making the USA one of the four easiest nations in the world to get an abortion for any reason.

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pro-choice attackOur Pro-Life allies in Australia recently held a march for life through the city of Melbourne. If you are used to pro-life rallies here in the United States, you might be surprised to learn that this march grew more than a bit heated. In fact, pro-life demonstrators were attacked by thousands of pro-abortion advocates. Here’s a firsthand account of what happened from Brian Kemper of the American pro-life group Stand True.

“Right now in Australia the March for Life is going on and the pro-lifers are being attacked by thousands of pro-aborts. Near riot situation we are being attacked as we march. Prayers please. Very bad. I’ve been hit many times already. They are surrounding us. Police won’t arrest them. I am in front protecting our people. This is the craziest thing ever. Over a thousand. This is scary.”

The pro-Abortion left likes to try and paint conservative pro-lifers as the extremists, but it’s just not true. They take random events conducted by individuals and use them to paint the entire movement as violent. But the truth of the matter is that it is the pro-abortion crowd whose hands are covered in blood. They’ve not only participated in the murder of millions of innocent children, but they’ve also beaten, threatened, and intimidated us simply because we believe abortion is murder. At the Melbourne march thousands of pro-abortion protesters took part in the abuse of these pro-life advocates. In Texas over the summer, hundreds of pro-abortion advocates said extremely crude things and threatened violence against pro-lifers and the politicians they support. It’s the left who uses violence and intimidation to get their way… not conservatives, especially not pro-life conservatives.

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