The Million Vets Who Marched

While the organizers of the Million Vet March on the Monuments may not have been able to muster up the requisite “million” marchers, they must have been happy with a turnout numbering in the thousands. By most measures the day was a success, as thousands of people turned out to honor our veterans and to show their anger with the politicians in Washington who have used the memorials as tool in their political games. For the last few weeks the Obama administration has been using the government as a bludgeon against the people of our nation in an attempt to rile up their anger against the Republican Party, who the administration is attempting to blame for the shutdown. The most egregious example of the administration’s callous and grotesque behavior has been their use of the National parks Service (NPS) to punish regular Americans for a shutdown that has nothing to do with them and everything to do with a Democrat Party. In an attempt to show the Obama administration that the American people aren’t buying the spin, regular American citizens organized the Million Vet March to show Washington that the Memorials should be above politics.

At today’s march were Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT), as well as former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

barrycadesThe crowd of thousands congregated outside of the WWII memorial where they chanted for the Obama administration to “Tear down these walls,” and they also sang patriotic songs like “God Bless America.” Eventually, the crows removed the barriers themselves and entered the open-air memorial. Joining in the demonstration were some of the truckers who had come into town for the weekend. They traveled down 117th Street toward the Mall, blaring their horns and calling attention to the event. Their involvement led the DC Metro police to move in and shut down the street to through traffic in an attempt to isolate the demonstrators. Once they noticed what the local police had done, the demonstrators marched up the street demanding that police remove the barricade that had been set up. Around 11am the crowd moved back down the street, returning to the WWII memorial. At the memorial they gathered around the WWII Veterans, shaking their hands, thanking them for their service and honoring them for their sacrifices.

This is what makes America different from the rest of the world’s nations…this spirit of camaraderie and affection for our fellow citizens, even those we may not know. The point of the march today was to remind our government that the United States of America is about the people, not the government. We are America. Our government is simply the tool we use to operate. The government does not get to dictate to the people. We the people dictate to the government.

Our leaders in Washington seem to have forgotten this.


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