The Pros and Cons of Donald Trump

The Pros and Cons of Donald Trump


Before the Republican Debate I was impressed by Donald Trump’s frankness and candor.  I thought his ragged edges were a refreshing change from Obama’s slick use of the teleprompter.


But, frankly, I thought that he was bitter, angry and un-presidential during the debate. I still support his strictness with regard to illegal aliens.  I respect his ability to build the economy and his own company.  But I cannot condone his rudeness to Megyn Kelly.


Society depends on manners.  A lack of them feeds into violence and chaos.


National identity also depends on loyalty.  Donald’s failure to say that he would not head up an independent party is traitorous, especially if he feels as negatively about Hillary as he claims.


That’s not to say that I agree with Megyn in her criticisms of  Donald’s statements about women.  She points out that Donald has called  women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.”


Well, look around Megan,  many women are fat pigs.  There are also men who are fat pigs.  There are even fat pigs who are fat pigs.


Do we want to be so politically correct that we assume everyone is an anorexic model?  Let’s face reality if we want a real president. 


Manners, yes.  Deception and lies, no. 


Still Trump acted like a paranoid teenager when he accused Kelly of being unfair to him. He said that she “behaved very badly personally.” 


But she didn’t single him out.  And his rude comments to women were ratified when he tweeted that she was a bimbo. 


Trump was not happy about Kelly’s references to his comments about women.   I think he should have owned them.  They were no big deal.


I believe that Trump could be a pragmatic leader.  He has left his mark on the skyline unlike pre-presidential  Obama who was a small, community organizer.   


Trump is results oriented rather than a popularity queen.  But he must learn to moderate the rude edges of his behavior.  He has to be less cocky, conceited, arrogant and combative. 


I don’t know if that’s possible.  But I’d take him over compromising, appeasing  Obama any day.

When you come down to it, Obama is a social worker in the hood.

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David Lawrence

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