The Obamacare Rollout Disaster

How bad does this have to be for the mainstream media to begin saying, “The Republicans may be right about this.” I mean, things have to be downright disastrous, right? It seems that that is exactly what is happening right now with the Obamacare rollout. Things are so bad that just two weeks in, the media has finally recognized that the government is entirely inept. The media is starting to turn, not against Obama or Obamacare, but against the incredible incompetence of the Obama administration.

MSNBC and CNN both ran stories about the difficulty in signing up for coverage. CBS did a story about a man who tried for a week to get coverage, and was still unable to do so.

The media has moved on from these horror stories of Americans trying to get healthcare coverage, to attempting to understand exactly what the underlying causes might be. Wolf Blitzer at CNN ran a story this week about how badly prepared the government seemed to be to roll out Obamacare, that he had the fortitude to suggest that maybe the GOP was right in calling for a one year delay of implementation.

At Slate and the online electronics industry ezine Digital Trends, they discuss how the government went about creating the site in what may have been the worst way possible. They used different companies to develop different aspects of the site, without knowledge of what the other developers were doing. At the end of the day, they basically tried fitting puzzle pieces from several different puzzles together… and it’s not working.

“So we had (at least) two sets of contracted developers, apparently in isolation from each other, working on two pieces of a system that had to run together perfectly. Anyone in software engineering will tell you that cross-group coordination is one of the hardest things to get right, and also one of the most crucial, because while programmers are great at testing their own code, testing that their code works with everybody else’s code is much more difficult.”

ObamacareFailOn a positive note, (this is complete sarcasm) at least building this completely horrible non-working site only cost us $635 MILLION. Yep, we paid more than half a billion dollars for a product that doesn’t work, may never work, and may actually need to be completely rebuilt.

“The exact cost to build, according to U.S. government records, appears to have been $634,320,919, which we paid to a company you probably never heard of: CGI Federal.  The company originally won the contract back in 2011, but at that time, the cost was expected to run “up to” $93.7 million – still a chunk of change, but nothing near where it apparently ended up.”

CBS News was right when they called the Obamacare rollout “nothing short of disastrous.”



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