The Twisted Logic of Liberals

Sanctuary cities are twisted logic. It is illogical and perverted to give sanctuary to criminal aliens and sacrifice our own citizens.


Kate Steinle’s murder is twisted logic. Her name should be written on the foreheads of California politicians.

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Forgiving someone who murders your family is twisted logic.  It is using self-aggrandizing forgiveness to feel opposite of the way you really feel and feign kindness rather than admit vengeance.


Giving James Holmes life in prison is twisted logic.  Are the twelve innocent movie goers he killed worth less than his one miserable life?


Thinking that the death penalty can’t bring the dead back is twisted logic.  Bringing the dead back is irrelevant.


Being liberal is twisted logic.  It is seeking short term hedonistic satisfaction instead of patiently chasing long term results.


Democrats who support Obama have twisted logic.  To support an enemy of the people is to resurrect Benedict Arnold.


Voting for Obama the second time was twisted logic.  It is doubling up on failure.


Voting for a Democrat is twisted logic. It is supporting a party that stood behind Obama when he led from behind and we took our future up our asses.


Democrat’s support of Planned Parenthood is twisted logic.  Planned Parenthood announces that they are protecting reproductive health while they are killing babies and selling embryos.


liberalismObama’s gentle persona is twisted logic.  In the Illinois Senate he abstained from voting against infanticide.


Legalizing marijuana is twisted logic.  It is adding weed to alcohol in car accidents.  More liberals celebrating the failure of the world. Memories disappearing into smoke.


Same sex marriage is twisted logic.  It is a refutation of what is normal for the thrill of being contrarian. It is mind over matter.  It is a choice to revolt against one’s own biology. It is disguised as a birth imperative by self-justifiers.


Homosexuality is twisted logic.  It is perverting sexual normalcy in order to be opposite. It is fear of your own anatomy.


Bruce Jenner’s transgender maneuver is twisted logic.  I don’t want to lose my balls.  What left wing idiot would celebrate his transition?


Obama’s spending millions on vacations and trillions on failed projects while pretending that he is a hero of the middle class is twisted logic with a dash of gourmet hypocrisy.


Obama having a distaste for American exceptionalism is twisted logic. He lives exceptionally well.  He has private chefs while he spits us out like fast food.  He turned self-reliance into food stamps.


Allowing Iran to get its hands on one hundred and fifty billion dollars and opening its path to a nuke is twisted logic. It’s arming our enemy.  It is Chamberlain giving weapons to the Nazis.


Obama’s equating Isis’s present day atrocities to the Crusade’s is twisted logic.  He hates Christians and sympathizes with Muslims.


Jews voting for Obama and supporting his deal in Iran follow the twisted logic of jump-in-the-oven Jews. They are death camp collaborators.  Even mousey, ambitious Charles Schumer rejected the Obama-Kerry plan.


Allowing John Kerry to be Secretary of State is twisted logic.  He snitched on the American soldiers in Vietnam but never condemned the Vietcong’s torture.


To refuse to say radical Islamic terrorism is twisted logic.  It is a refusal to signify what is already signified by the reality of Muslim cruelty.


President Obama saying that Iranians “are making common cause with the Republican caucus” is twisted logic.  Obama is making common cause with the radical Islamic terrorists who he doesn’t admit exist.


Choosing Hillary Clinton to run as Obama’s successor is twisted logic. Her college thesis was on Saul Alinsky and her current turn is back to the left.


Hillary’s combination of Elizabeth Warren and Al Capone is twisted logic. Her corruption is legion–Benghazi, erasing her emails, losing her law license over  Watergate, Whitewater and Vince Foster’s death, sticking with a female harassing husband, wearing ungainly pants suits.


The Democratic Party’s slide towards communism is twisted logic.  Pursuing a universally failed system is a failure ab initio.


Secular progressivism is twisted logic.  It is the theocratic rigidity of big government and the strangulation of free enterprise. First there was Obama.  Then there was Hillary.  And now there is de Blasio.


I am sick.  I stick my finger down my throat.  If I throw up the Democratic Party’s twisted logic maybe I will return my digestion to the balanced conservatism of an intelligent America.

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David Lawrence

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