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Obamacare Means Your Credit Score Could Hurt Your Healthcare

Mass confusion in Florida as the state’s leading “Navigator” spreads a scare message about credit scores.

The Navigators have been put in place to help guide regular Americans with no idea about Obamacare, and the many aspects of the new healthcare legislation. They are supposed to help uninformed healthcare hopefuls on which avenues are the best to use, and what they need to do to maximize their healthcare benefits.

One of the leading Navigators in the state of Florida recently went on with a local Orlando, FL news station and told Floridians that their credit score will impact their health insurance.

Anne Packham, one of many people licensed by the state to help people navigate the government’s website, said on Tuesday that the credit check was put in place so providers can make an educated decision about who to insure… Local 6 is investigating how the person in charge of providing information about the Affordable Care Act could make such an error. 

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Is this just another example of the terrible preparations for the roll out of Obamacare? I don’t think so. I think it’s likely more devious than that. There is just no way that a person who has been trained to help people complete their healthcare paperwork would simply pull something like that from seemingly nowhere.

It seems likely to me that there is a “credit history” component to the Obamacare program, and that it, like most of Obamacare, is just not ready for primetime yet. So while this year your credit rating may not matter, in the near future, part of the assessment process will involve what your credit rating looks like. Does that mean people with better credit get better healthcare? Or perhaps, the worse your rating, the more you’ll have to pay?

I think we’ll be hearing a lot more stories like this in the days, weeks, and months to come as Americans begin to figure out more of the scary potholes that litter the Obamacare legislation. Seems like Nancy Pelosi may have been right after all… they had to pass it for us to figure out what was in it.

Here’s a hint… it’s nothing good.

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