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Donald Trump says Shut Down the Government to Defund Planned Parenthood


Don’t hate me for this… but I don’t trust Donald Trump.

Trump was a liberal just a few short years ago. Now, he says he is a conservative but he has no explanation for how or why his mind changed on a host of issues. He used to be for higher taxation, he used to be pro-choice, he has shifted on gay marriage and has in the past agreed with so called “hate crime” laws, he’s a protectionist on trade, he’s been for greater gun control, he once called for universal healthcare and protecting Medicare and Medicaid, and he’s held other similarly liberal positions.


If he’s being honest now… and I hope he is… I am starting to like him more and more. I still can’t give him my outright support, but if he keeps traveling down this road – he could still win me over — and I would have thought that impossible just a few weeks ago.

His latest attempt to win my vote came when he appeared on the Hugh Hewitt radio show and told Hewitt that maybe the best thing conservatives could do might be to shut down the government in their effort to defund Planned Parenthood. He also added that what Planned Parenthood is doing is disgusting and he is right…

Hugh Hewitt: The word is that the Democrats will filibuster and the president will veto — that’s the only way to get rid of Planned Parenthood money for selling off baby parts is to shut the government down in September. Would you support that?

Donald Trump: Well I can tell you this. I would and I was also in support if the Republicans stuck together you could have done it with Obamacare also, but the Republicans decided not to stick together and they left a few people out there like Ted Cruz. You know, they left a lot of the people who really went in and wanted to do the job and you know what? If they had stuck together they would have won that battle. I think you have to in this case also, yes.

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