The Death Train Stops at Chattanooga

The Death Train Stops at Chattanooga


I’ve never really heard of Chattanooga before except in the song Glen Miller’s song, “Chattanooga Choo Choo,” about visiting a girl in Tennessee. 


The massacre of marines in Tennessee by Abdulazeez does not take place on a train but it is a railroading.  It is a naïve government sending unarmed soldiers to their deaths.


What a joke that American soldiers can’t be armed on their own bases or their recruiting station. Muslims don’t play fair. They shoot soft targets. To fail to arm our marines is an abrogation of moral duty.  It is an inadvertent betrayal.


Can you imagine Isis telling their soldiers that they are not allowed to carry arms on their bases. Imagine Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi telling his men not to carry weapons.  Like he’s worried about accidental casualties. He prefers intentional ones like raping women, beheading and crucifying children.


Imagine Hitler telling his SS that carrying weapons is dangerous.  Imagine how we wouldn’t respect the Storm Troopers and wouldn’t be afraid of them.


And, as an aside, imagine what the Muslims are going to think when they are engaged in battle with American women, transgenders or gays.  They will have no respect for us.  They will laugh when they shoot same sex couples.


Even if our enemies are Neanderthal, aren’t we supposed to garner their respect?  Doesn’t an army want to seem tough?


Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez opened fire, shooting seven people, including four Marines who died that day and one who died after.


Abdulazeez had four guns and was prepared to kill.  Our brave marines were ducks in a pond.  A President who would allow this should be imprisoned for collusion in a killing of our own troops.


Obama has spent his life polishing his slick image to rise to power. Shouldn’t he spend some time worrying about our army’s effete image?


Isis would shoot its soldiers just for suggesting that they didn’t carry weapons.  This is war. You can’t be unarmed.  It is embarrassing and laughable to leave our marines without weapons.  It is oxymoronic.  War involves weapons not stripping ourselves of weapons.


Why has liberal self-destruction leaked into the army?  Do we want to kill ourselves?  Are we agents of our enemies?


Whether the disarming of military bases was caused by Bush or Clinton is irrelevant.  What is relevant is that we stop it on a dime.  That we allow fighters to have the weapons to fight.  It is embarrassing to have soldiers unarmed.  Our enemies laugh.  We die.


And what are Obama’s chances of correcting this negligence?  You’ve got to be kidding.

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