Illegal Immigration on the Rise Again is Bad News for Obamacare

A couple of bits of news that didn’t get much attention because of the government shutdown both speak to the improbability of success with socialized medicine in the United States.

First, illegal immigration is back on the rise. The numbers of illegals entering the country had slowed dramatically over the last few years, thanks in large part to the weak economic conditions in the United States. Well, those halcyon days are behind us now, as new survey seem to indicate that the numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country are once again climbing.

Secondly, immigration reform advocates are back out on the march. Immigration reform (read: amnesty) advocates are reviving efforts to get Congress to pass some kind of comprehensive immigration reform. The proposition is dangerous for Republicans because some major Republican politicians have already signed on to Democrat plans for amnesty. Men like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham have all been dipping their toes into the Democrat amnesty pool. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party is almost unanimous in their efforts to undermine our legal immigration system, and is hell bent on wreaking continued havoc on our economy by suddenly legalizing more than 12 million people. Consider what that kind of influx into the welfare and Obamacare systems might do to our already precarious economy.

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healthcareforallThirdly, the recent announcement by Great Britain gives us a sneak peek into our socialized healthcare future. After years of abuse and mismanagement, Britain is poised to pass a series of new laws that will make it near impossible for illegal immigrants to receive “free” government services paid for by the taxpayers. That includes the socialized medical care and various other welfare benefits. The truth of the matter is, even for a country as wealthy and small (by population) as Great Britain, socialism is crushing their economic capabilities. Now imagine this happening in the United States with millions more on welfare and millions more illegal immigrants crossing our borders. The effect would be disastrous.

At some point, some rational human being in Congress is going to have to stand up and say… “Both of these ideas (amnesty and socialized medicine) are horrible and both on their own would have devastatingly negative impacts on our nation… however, when you put them together they could literally destroy our economy. If we pass these two measures we will be known as the Congress that destroyed American prosperity.”

Will anyone stand up and speak out? Our nation’s well-being and our very way of life is at stake.

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