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Breaking News: Amber Alert Shutdown – Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Still Up

In a stunningly hypocritical move, the Obama administration has shut down the Amber Alert website in response to the government shutdown, while leaving Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move website up and running. In what strange Bizarro world would it seem like the right move to leave up the First Lady’s vanity project of a website, while taking down a website to try to rescue just-kidnapped children?

There have been so many examples of government hubris and mismanagement over the last week, but this one has to be the one that epitomizes the government response to the shutdown.

The Obama administration has searched and searched for the most painful ways to make the government shutdown seem like a big deal. They’ve become the bully on the playground, seeking their pound of flesh from defenseless children for some perceived “slight.”

When the Republicans in the House decided that they could not raise the deficit ceiling and that they’d like to negotiate some of the more onerous aspects of Obamacare out of the law… they unknowingly prodded the oversized tyrant that is the Obama White House. Over the last 35 years there have been 17 other shutdowns, and all ended in a negotiated settlement between the two major parties, with the sitting Presidents each involved in the negotiations. This shutdown is unprecedented because the Democrats and the President won’t negotiate.

MichelleOThe Republican Party ticked off the White House, so how did the President and his minions respond? They turned to the American people and began picking on us. We don’t have a powerful lobby in Washington. (Isn’t that what Congress should be?) We aren’t pouring millions of dollars into President Obama’s war chest. We’re just simple folks who like to take our kids to the national monuments to teach them of our past, and help them learn how to mold our future. We’re like fish in a barrel to the White House, easy game.

I assume that until the Republicans fold or the Democrats decide to negotiate – the President and his White House will continue to poke the American people in the eye and do stupid, infantile things like this.

Sadly, by shutting down the Amber Alert site, the White House is playing politics with the lives of innocent children in the most dangerous of situations. But at least the kids who aren’t kidnapped will have the benefit of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move site to help them lose those unsightly pounds of baby fat.


Update: After a lot of bad press the Justice Department has restored the federal Amber Alert site.

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