Tell Jeb Bush and Ashton Carter to Keep Transgenders Out of the Army

Tell Jeb Bush and Ashton Carter to Keep Transgenders Out of the Army


Jeb Bush says that he’s fine with transgender people “serving in the military—as long as it doesn’t compromise morale.”


His opinion echoes the Defense Department decision to consider rescinding its ban on open service by transgender people.


Ashton Carter considers the ban on transgenders as “outdated.”


Who are Bush and Carter kidding?  The army functions as a vehicle to protect our country.  It is not a laboratory for political correctness or gender equality.


Toying with relative sexual identity has no place in an army  that is designed to fight. Why must rigid ideologues  push their values into everyplace where they don’t belong? 


Transgenders in the military would undermine army moral.  That on top of Obama’s reduction in forces will leave us military weaklings.


I was a professional fighter and know something about the dignity of hurting.  I never had the courage to join the army but I’d be damned if I had to face the sacrosanct moment of my  death with a transgender next to me. 


I do not want to die sullied by moral confusion.  I’d rather die in a hallowed battlefield than in a house of prostitution.


Death is not a freak show.  It is a religious experience.  Forcing transgenders on the army is embarrassing, stupid and disrespectful.


Those whose lives are not at risk have a lot of nerve telling soldiers with whom they should die.  Spare us from the moral fascism of open-minded, empty headed progressives.

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