Democrat Reason For Not Funding Veterans or Kids with Cancer? Tea Party

If you listen to the acerbic commentary escaping the Democrat Party over the last couple of days you would think that these Republicans were the most difficult legislators to work with in the history of the legislature. The problem is, they aren’t. For the most part the Republican Party in Washington, D.C. is made up of career politicians who bend with the wind of consensus and are not exactly the most principled of men and women.

That’s not meant to be a slight, I think the Republican Party has generally become more liberal over the last twenty years or so. I know that Democrats won’t buy that, but consider that most Republicans think social security, Medicare, and Medicaid are not necessarily bad things. Many Republicans are ok with some of the broader powers being assumed by agencies like the CIA, NSA, and Homeland Security. Many Republicans have been supportive of the expanded warfront in the Islamic world. In the past conservatives have stood against social welfare programs, increased police powers at home, and even involvement in foreign affairs that did not directly impact our national security.

So yes… even mainstream Republicans have moved toward an expanded (or bigger) government.

Republicans in the legislature today, even conservative Tea Party legislators, are not the political “terrorists” they are being made out to be. Most of them are pragmatic politicians who are simply trying to do the best by their beliefs and the beliefs of their constituents.

The Democrats act as though this shutdown is unprecedented, when in fact as more of us are learning, this is the 18th shutdown of the last 35 years or so. In each and every other one of those shutdowns the two parties met to broker a negotiated settlement and in every case the President helped the cause along. The only thing different about this shutdown is the Democrats refusal to negotiate.

Why won’t they negotiate? Chuck Schumer gives the Democrat response.

tea party“As Politico reported Thursday, during the 1995 government shutdown congressional Republicans and President Bill Clinton were able to agree to a “stopgap bill to assure funding for veterans, welfare recipients and the District of Columbia.”

Why won’t Senate Democrats and President Obama agree now to any more stopgap funding bills?

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York told THE WEEKLY STANDARD following a noon press conference Thursday that in 1995 “it was a different world.” Why is that? “Because we have a Tea Party,” Schumer said without elaborating as he walked away.”

Yeah, it’s the Republicans being obstinate and childish.

What a mature and thoughtful response… thought no one, ever.

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