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The Greatest Generation Again

As the hours tick by with a shuttered federal government scaling back its operations and leaving the bare minimum of “essential” personnel in place, reasons for discouragement continue to grow.

Many families are being impacted as those not considered essential are without work, vacations are spoiled by closed park facilities, and Washington DC begins to look like some post-apocalyptic city nearly void of people on subways or in the streets.

But in the midst of what democrats have dubbed republican-induced anarchy (someone, get Harry Reid a dictionary!), there are reasons to smile.

On Tuesday, a group of World War II veterans participating in an Honor Flight trip (see more about the program here) to Washington, DC arrived at the WWII Memorial to find it barricaded.

In the wake of the government shutdown, all national parks were closed including Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and the monuments along the National Mall.

Closing, for the open air memorials in DC, meant metal barricade fencing and police tape prohibiting entrance to the memorials.

So when busloads of WWII veterans ( the greatest generation ) arrived in DC, they weren’t even able to walk around their memorial – all they were able to do was look from a distance behind the barriers.



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