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Homosexuality Law

Judge Refuses to Marry Gay Couples based on His Religious Beliefs!

“A Toledo Municipal Court judge who declined to marry a same-sex couple said . . . his decision was based upon his ‘personal and Christian beliefs.’ Judge C. Allen McConnell said in a written statement his refusal . . . followed his beliefs developed over many years.”

I wonder if he could have used the same reasoning if a couple had come in dressed in matching Confederate Battle Flag outfits. Would he have been duty-bound to marry them?

“‘I apologize to the couple for the delay they experienced and wish them the best,’ Judge McConnell said. ‘The court has implemented a process whereby same sex marriages will be accommodated.’”

Judge C. Allen McConnell is black and heads up the local NAACP in Toledo.

Comparing same-sex marriage and same-sex sex with the struggles of blacks trying to secure equal rights including voting rights has become a popular tactic of the same-sex movement. Most African Americans are insulted by the comparison…
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