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Hey Jon Stewart: Sarcasm + Comedy Does NOT = A Sound Argument

I watched this clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart that Huffington Post featured two times over, to make sure I was sound in the accusation I’m about to make. Here goes – In regards to the Obamacare debate, all the liberals have got going for them is 1. Cool factor and 2. Name calling. It’s really incredible to watch these clips and hear these liberal arguments. Jon Stewart must have played footage from five or more Republican Senators making sound arguments against Obamacare such as:

– Obamacare taking a government founded on limited government and morphing it into limitless government.

– Obamacare is unconstitutional.

– Obamacare takes away our God-given rights to liberty –

And, that was just where Stewart felt the need to chime in. Once it got to a Republican who used the phrase “God-given,” Stewart stopped the clip and went off, imitating the Senator using a stupid voice and making a stupid face and saying that Republicans are just throwing buzz words around that don’t make any sense.

stewartActually Jon, you’re the one who isn’t make sense. You are playing footage of completely intelligent statements and your responding argument involves you acting like you’re an SNL cast member.

Humor, coolness, and mud-slinging can only go so far. It is really insulting that these pundits and politicians think that our generation – Gen Y – is so hyper-focused on being “in” that we won’t actually listen to reason. Why do they assume that of us? Well, just look around. I’d say a pretty big portion of 20-somethings are just egocentric toddlers in adult-sized bodies – making decisions and voting candidates in with a “What can they do for me? How much free stuff can I get?” attitude.

But, you’re reading this. You’re listening to the voices that make sense.


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