What If the White House Were a Gun-Free Zone: That Scenario, and Some Others, Offer Food for Thought


“God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal.”  —Slogan for the Colt Manufacturing Company


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The Less-than-Timely Response

Okay, so President Obama has consistently promoted his position—as well as the position of his increasingly anti-freedom Democrat Party—that self-defense on the part of law-abiding citizens is a bad thing.  Obama and his Democrats believe that public dependency on a less-than-timely police response is somehow preferable.  So, let us examine the soundness of President Obama’s line of reasoning (or the lack thereof) by considering three imagined scenarios.


Disclaimer #1: Nobody mentioned in the following scenario is real, with the exception of President Obama, nor has the White House ever, in reality, been a gun-free zone.

Scenario #1: Obama Praises Police Rescuers: “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!”

The White House, July 10th, 2015—Adam Assassin, age 25, fatally shot ten White House staff members and three Presidential Cabinet members in the White House.  Two of the gunned-down staffers belonged to the President’s contingency of Secret Service body guards.

Before driving to the White House, Assassin had shot and killed his mother at their Silver Spring home.  After killing White House Cabinet and Staff members, Assassin committed suicide by shooting himself in the head as first-responders finally arrived on the scene from the local police department.

The White House is setting an active example to all Americans by becoming a gun-free zone and disarming all its security personnel, in order to “put its money where its mouth is” with regard to instituting for itself the same policy it wants to impose on all Americans.  Thus, no weapons are allowed on the premises.

9-1-1 was called immediately by the Secret Service upon Adam Assassin’s opening fire. The President, luckily, was in an out-of-the-way restroom at the time and was not injured.  Upon hearing the gun shots, President Obama locked the door, turned off the light, and hid out quietly in the restroom, hoping the police would come to his rescue in time, in accordance with pre-established protocols for emergency lockdowns.

When asked about arming the Secret Service bodyguards whose duty it is to protect him, President Obama replied, “I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that armed guards in the White House will somehow solve our problem.”  The President then went on to praise the local police for their heroism and the swiftness of their response, which he credits with saving his life.  “Where I come from,” quipped President Obama, “we say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Then, almost as an afterthought, a smiling president added, “The police have also committed to stepping up patrols in the vicinity of the White House.”


gunfreezoneDisclaimer #2: The following scenario, although based on accounts of a real incident, has the shooter reloading and continuing his shooting spree, events which never really occurred but are depicted here to illustrate a point.

Scenario #2: Obama Praises Police Response in Saving Military Lives

Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas, July 10th, 2015—Nidal Malik Yassassin, age 39, fatally shot 13 people and wounded 29 others at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, before stopping to reload and proceeding to kill 49 more and injure 68 others, raising the final totals to 62 dead and 97 wounded.

Fort Hood, of course, is now a gun-free zone.  In accordance with Obama-Administration policy, no weapons are allowed to be carried on base.  Even training exercises have gone over to using blank rounds, ever since the determination of President Obama that the fort would be safer with a zero-tolerance policy for any live ammunition on the grounds.  As a result, there were no caches of live ammunition anywhere on the military base.

Before going on his rampage, Major Yassassin, a military psychiatrist, is known to have been in contact via the Internet with known terrorists, yet no action was taken against him at the time, in order to respect his Muslim jihadist views, in compliance with Obama’s Code of Military Political Correctness.  The shooting has turned out to be the worst shooting on a US military base in history.

When asked about arming Fort Hood once again, at least to the extent of allowing armed Military Police on base, President Obama replied, “I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that armed guards at Fort Hood will somehow solve our problem.”  The President then went on to praise the local police for their heroism and the swiftness of their response, which significantly reduced the potential carnage that could have reached into the hundreds of lives.  The president typified the occurrence as “an unfortunate incident of workplace violence,” although Senator Joseph Lieberman, an expert in the field of terrorism, chose to refer to it a “terrorist” attack.  “The police have also committed to stepping up patrols in the vicinity of Fort Hood,” the president added, smilingly.


Disclaimer #3: The following scenario, although based on a fictitious incident, are depicted here in hopes of illustrating a point.

Scenario #3: Only the Good Die Young

Joe Bloe’s Residence, Your Town, Your State, Today—Joe Bloe was fatally shot, along with his wife and eight children, by a home invader.  The name of the suspect is being withheld until such time as his correct identity can be ascertained.  A highly trained shooter and gun safety expert, Mr. Bloe formerly owned a 1911 Colt .45 semi-automatic handgun for home protection.

Gun-FreeBut, as every American knows, the entire country has been effectively disarmed of the types of weapons criminals generally choose to arm themselves with.  America is a semi-automatic-free zone for law-abiding citizens, due to President Obama’s use of victim-disarmament executive actions.  Critics have argued that not only are these statist measures in violation of Americans’ Constitutional civil rights, but they have left law-abiding Americans with few, or no, good options for home defense.  It has been revealed that Joe Bloe did exercise his option of owning an old-style six-shooter—one that necessitated cocking before every single shot.  But, unsurprisingly, Mr. Bloe was easily outgunned by the home-invader, who was armed with a black-market semi-automatic Smith & Wesson equipped with an extra-capacity magazine holding 24 rounds!  Mr. Bloe was found dead at the scene, along with the bodies of all nine of his family members.   Each person had been shot more than once.  Fortunately, the killer was picked up later by police in a traffic stop, after having run a red light.

When asked about the circumstances surrounding the incident, President Obama replied, “I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that having guns at home will somehow solve our problem.”  The President then went on to praise the local police for their heroism and the swiftness of their response, saying that, because of their professionalism, the neighborhood where the family lived was expeditiously secured against any further criminal threat.  “The police have also committed to stepping up patrols in the neighborhood,” the president added.

“All this loss of innocent life could have been avoided,” said David, a neighbor from across the street, “and the bad guy would’ve been the one paying the ultimate price, rather than our friends, if only Joe had been allowed to retain possession of his Colt .45 semi-automatic.  At a minimum, he would have had a fighting chance.  And, probably, the bad guy would have fled, once Joe opened fire on him.  In my opinion, Barack Hussein Obama himself is responsible for the body count here.  I remember discussing this with Joe just last week . . . but, always the optimist, he just shrugged it off and said, ‘Well, probably nothing will come of it; in reality, what’s the likelihood I’ll ever really need that Colt?  Probably slim to none.  I guess I can live without it.’  He was such an optimist!  Well, I suppose I have finally learned the meaning of the old saying: Only the good die young.”


Back to Reality

Since December 30, 2012, after the shooting at Sandyhook, Obama has continued to reiterate, in some form or fashion, the following claim: “I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that [putting armed guards in schools] somehow is going to solve our problem.”  But, in reality, shooters tend to avoid areas known to be well-protected by an armed citizenry.

In states where concealed-carry permits are issued in higher numbers, home invasions, sexual assaults, and gun murders happen at significantly lower rates than in states where the Second-Amendment rights of victims have been infringed.  Democrats know this, but they consistently lie with respect to the issue, because Democrats believe that state control of the populace is more important than the protection of innocent life.


The Unvarnished Truth

The unvarnished truth is this: Good guys with guns save lives!  And Democrat policies of victim-disarmament only help criminals.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by EagleRising.com

About the author

Paul Dowling

Paul Dowling

Paul Dowling is an American patriot whose mission in life is to educate and enlighten his fellow citizens about the correct principles for facilitating a life of freedom and a culture based upon the Golden Rule, as well as to do whatever is in his power to help protect his countrymen from their government.

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