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Why do Liberals Love Mass Murdering Communists?

We missed this a while back, but it was so good that I thought it needed to be shared.

A couple of months ago the libertarian journalist and educator John Stossel did a special segment on the idiocy of “Cool Communism.”

He discussed the propensity of our cultural elites to embrace things that quite obviously fly in the face of what they actually say they believe, with Daily Beast columnist Michael Moynihan.

In particular they focused on the popularity of the Che Guevara image in our pop culture, even though Che was a disgusting rapist and murderer.

What they realized is that famous people are mostly stupid and that liberals will believe any talking point they hear blindly without ever actually doing any research. (Which is probably how Obama got elected twice.)


Take 5 minutes and watch this great and informative segment.


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