YouTube Censors/Bans Trailer for a Christian Movie Because Homosexuals Don’t Like It!

Christian Evangelist Ray Comfort, best known for his series Hell’s Best Kept Secret, recently released a downloadable copy of a video he did not want to do titled Audacity. Following the release of the download, Comfort was set to release the video for free on YouTube, but it appears the honest, sincere way he deals with the subject of sodomy was not to YouTube’s liking and so they removed his trailer.

According to a post Comfort placed on his Facebook page:

YouTube just removed the “Audacity” trailer, saying, “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

You can see the trailer here to see if it’s spam, a scam or has commercially deceptive content:

We will keep you informed.

Many of us who have uploaded videos have experienced this. I can tell you that all it takes is a few sodomites and their supports to click “report” and the video is pulled. In fact, within a short time of the sodomy supporting group F**k Hate’s child abusing video, theirs was also pulled due to people reporting it… though all the reporting was legitimate because it was child abuse.

However, there is no doubt that those who want their abominable behavior normalized and accepted are at the forefront of this ban of Ray Comfort’s video.

audacityI have said it many times and I’ll continue to say it, as long as Christians and “conservatives” continue to whack at branches (ie. Redefining marriage) and not deal with the root crime (sodomy) they will continue to lose the battle they are waging.

Comfort is taking the Law of God into the battle and confronting the crimes against the God of Heaven and then he presents God’s means of forgiveness through Jesus Christ to repentant sinners.

Google, the company that owns YouTube, has not only used it’s influence to push for gun control, but has openly supported the sodomites agenda as well.

Clearly, the video is not a scam, spam or commercially deceptive. It’s the truth, but neither YouTube, Google nor Facebook are known for doing anything other than setting up algorithms and letting the squeaky wheel get the grease. So, what do you say Christians, Americans and law-abiding patriots? Think Comfort’s video violates YouTube’s policies? Let your voice be heard and contact YouTube and tell them to put Ray Comfort’s Audacity back online.

In addition to the people reporting the video, it’s quite possible that many want to silence Comfort because of his previous video 180, which demonstrated how he was able to change the minds of those who supported abortion with a simple argument.



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